Wednesday, January 23, 2013

the cool kids wear red

redlips photo redlips_zps8a318b57.jpg
the cool kids are wearing deep red lips
the cool kids are shopping at thrift stores
(so i snagged this classic j crew dress from e.tittlemouse & co. near my house)
i guess i'm a cool kid now?
(doesn't matter, i like this outfit regardless!)


Kenya said...

Love the dress. I wear red/burgundy lipstick all the time. love it.

Anonymous said...

So jealous that you got that j. crew dress at a thrift shop, it's beautiful!

Whitney said...

That's awesome that you found that dress at the thrift store! good for you :) I need to try to find some steals like that!

Unknown said...

That's a great color on you, def one of my go to lipstick colors.

Lindsey said...

How cute! You look awesome in glasses!

by BUN said...

I'm digging your lipstick! I feel like I need to man up and finally start trying out shades.

his little lady said...

Love all of this! And still need to get myself some deep red lipstick!
xo TJ

Rachel said...

That dress is completely adorable. Love it.