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i began this space when i fell in love with this place, this urban lifestyle i had always dreamed of.  coming from "small town america" in the midwest my sights were set on chicago.  it's a city but it's clean.  it's a city but the people are nice and midwestern-y.  but life had a different plan and sent me to that other big city, new york city .  what i first thought was dirty, turned out to be spectacular.  the people i thought were mean weren't given a chance.  my skin is thicker, my visions are wider, my dreams are bigger. 

i was 22 and i lived above an animal hospital with a stranger on a busy street with a homeless man always steps from my door.  i dreamed of having a stoop, being in one of those turn-of-the-century buildings that was just for living, living the city life.  now we have it.  a stoop, a turn-of-the-century historic home, and that city life i dreamed of.  we've planted our roots in downtown jersey city , a place that looks like brooklyn, but feels like home.  it's a place that's minutes from manhattan, but feels like home. a place filled with new experiences and unlimited opportunity, but feels like home.

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thanks for following us, jenn & hung, while we live this adventure eating our way through this food meca, making the most diverse group of friends i can imagine, living the life i always imagined.  this space is my vision of the city life, our city life.
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welcome to beyond the stoop.


Ashley Faye said...

cute! love the bio


Anonymous said...

Very cute bio! Found you through NJ Bloggers.

Unknown said...

Also very envious of full time bloggers! Can you imagine?

Tam Campbell said...

Found you on NJ Bloggers! :) Great stoop - I love JC!


Anonymous said...

what a fun bio ...