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Monday, February 4, 2013

the difference: nyc birthday party

"my house is only 3 bedrooms. how on EARTH are we supposed to raise a family in such a place?"

new yorkers:
"baby #2's in the oven, we gotta get out of our studio (i.e. bedroomless) apartment"

this thought came to mind while attending our friend's surprise birthday party last week in midtown. a friend with a small rather large by NYC standards apartment hosted over 30 guests for the surprise dinner party.  this meant cooking for this many in a tiny kitchen, seating for most, drinks, cake, the whole deal. after riding in rush-hour subways, personal space becomes MUCH smaller. we're totally cool with it....

our theory is that if you're with great company, you'll have a great time.

(it helped that the ceilings were a mile high, making it "feel" much more spacious)

soniabday1 photo soniabday1_zps87670127.jpg

soniabday10 photo soniabday10_zps4d949b4c.jpg soniabday11 photo soniabday11_zps7a5cf427.jpg

soniabday12 photo soniabday12_zps4239bc71.jpg

soniabday13 photo soniabday13_zps3d04cb44.jpg

soiniabday6 photo soiniabday6_zps1fc2ef6f.jpg

soniabday4 photo soniabday4_zpsedaf8b3d.jpg soniabday5 photo soniabday5_zps10ccae79.jpg

 photo a0630ebc-78d6-42e9-bd68-166ab241221f_zps44e74c47.jpg

 photo e06e263a-952b-4e0b-9f24-d2d7e4eb3769_zps625ecf7c.jpg

soniabday7 photo soniabday7_zps62e7f015.jpg

soniabday8 photo soniabday8_zps1d76770e.jpg

soniabday9 photo soniabday9_zpsa9b607cf.jpg

happy birthday sonia!


Monday, February 13, 2012

the difference: volume 3

tonight's events:

i run 4 miles, spend 20 minutes on the elliptical, and eat this:

mr p does NOT work out tonight, and eats this:


on the bright side... it was soooo good.  mr p doesn't remember what all he put in the chili, but we CAN tell you that we were inspired by this recipe for the chili.  mr p used his regular recipe (onions, beef, crushed tomatoes, beans, and whatever spices he feels like), except this time we added natural, unsweetened cocoa and cinnamon (yeah! like Skyline!)...and worcestershire sauce and cider vinegar.

the cocoa added a richness that we have never been able to achieve in the past, so the new additions to our chili are here to stay!!

what is YOUR secret ingredient to making your chili awesome?


Friday, January 27, 2012

the difference: volume 2


my dinner: 1 bowl of soup (Ina Garten's Lentil Sausage Soup, cut down 1/3, and added potatoes and chili flakes)

my workout: run 3 miles, walk 0.5 miles, 10 minutes on the elliptical, abs workout

mr p's dinner:  1 bowl of soup (just like mine shown above), and this sammich with white bread, sausage, goat cheese, and mustard

mr p's workout tonight: nothing.

BIG difference this time!! he will still be more fit than me.  again, stupid boys and their stupid metabolisms.


Friday, January 20, 2012

the difference: volume 1

it's not uncommon for our friends or family to tell Mr P and I how much we are alike, and (like many other couples who have been together for a while) we often find ourselves finishing each other's sentences (except those times when Mr P is TRYING to tell me something, and i just KNOW what his answer is going to be, so i finish his sentence, and he says "no..", then starts telling me again, and again i KNOW what his answer is going to be so i finish his sentence... "no, babe"... and sometimes it makes him so frustrated he just stops trying to tell me what he was going to say... am i babbling or do any of you know what i'm talking about???)

anyways, sometimes it just hits us how much we are NOT alike, and i like to just point out our differences.  this is why i am going to start a series called "the difference".  it might be differences in the way we eat our food, our clothing style, our design sense, things we enjoy in our free time... just whenever i get one of those moments when i sit back and say "wow... we are just SO different"

last night was one of those nights.  i may or may not have told you that when Mr P first moved here he UNINTENTIONALLY lost 20 pounds (can you tell i'm still bitter about it??). after we started going to the gym, my intentions were to LOSE some LB's and inches, and Mr P was trying to GAIN LB's and inches (in all of the right places of course... so he can have that sexy triangle upper body with big sexy arms... or should i say sexiER triangle upper body and biggER sexiER arms ;)  he's blushing right now as he reads this, i'm sure)

last night was one of those we're-leaving-for-the-weekend-have-nothing-to-eat-but-don't-wanna-go-to-the-grocery kind of nights, so we scrounged the pantry.  our usual go-to meal is pasta with basically any sauce we can whip up from leftovers in the fridge.  but... even our 4 packages of rice noodles and 1 package of egg noddles had wheat flour in them.  we opted for making refried beans with brown rice, and i chopped up every bit of green veggies i had and tossed them in a salad with oil and balsamic vinegar.  not the most prestigious or fancy meal ever, but it surely beat eating out or buying more things from the grocery!! 

for the refried beans we mixed refried black beans with canned whole black beans, leftover salsa, and Mr P's random mix of spices.  for the salad, we happened to have romaine lettuce, green onions, dill, basil, celery, and cilantro just "hanging out" in the fridge....


Mr P's meal:

My meal:

(the photos totally don't show my point... Mr P had AT LEAST double rice and double beans AND had 2 fried eggs on top... hmph... boys...)

on a brighter note: looking forward to yet another great weekend on the road!  staying in philly again, but for a wedding this time! congrats to the (almost) newlyweds, Mr. and Mrs. Peddle :D