Monday, February 4, 2013

the difference: nyc birthday party

"my house is only 3 bedrooms. how on EARTH are we supposed to raise a family in such a place?"

new yorkers:
"baby #2's in the oven, we gotta get out of our studio (i.e. bedroomless) apartment"

this thought came to mind while attending our friend's surprise birthday party last week in midtown. a friend with a small rather large by NYC standards apartment hosted over 30 guests for the surprise dinner party.  this meant cooking for this many in a tiny kitchen, seating for most, drinks, cake, the whole deal. after riding in rush-hour subways, personal space becomes MUCH smaller. we're totally cool with it....

our theory is that if you're with great company, you'll have a great time.

(it helped that the ceilings were a mile high, making it "feel" much more spacious)

soniabday1 photo soniabday1_zps87670127.jpg

soniabday10 photo soniabday10_zps4d949b4c.jpg soniabday11 photo soniabday11_zps7a5cf427.jpg

soniabday12 photo soniabday12_zps4239bc71.jpg

soniabday13 photo soniabday13_zps3d04cb44.jpg

soiniabday6 photo soiniabday6_zps1fc2ef6f.jpg

soniabday4 photo soniabday4_zpsedaf8b3d.jpg soniabday5 photo soniabday5_zps10ccae79.jpg

 photo a0630ebc-78d6-42e9-bd68-166ab241221f_zps44e74c47.jpg

 photo e06e263a-952b-4e0b-9f24-d2d7e4eb3769_zps625ecf7c.jpg

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happy birthday sonia!



Cocalores said...

You're so right - the perspective on space totally changes depending on where you live! I was a city life for pretty much my whole life and moved to the country a while a go - now everything feels so crowded when I go back to the city! ;-)

Hena Tayeb said...

so true.. i grew up a Midwesterner.. moved abroad.. and now looking for a place in suburbia.. can not imagine life in a bedroom-less apartment.. kind of the reason why we live outside of new york even though my husband works there.

the southern hostess said...

For some reason, seeing all these people crammed into an apartment living room makes me happy. Oh, New York.

perch shop said...

totally agree, perspective does make a huge difference! looks like you all had a blast and isn't that all that really matters? :)