Friday, February 1, 2013

it's hip to be square

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last week was rough.  then i got notice that i had to be back at newark airport to fly out again 12 hours later for meetings in boston.  life is moving fast... too fast... but luckily instagram is there to capture it all when i've got no time to blog.

1. photos CAN be taken on your iphone with your nose when it's too cold to take off your gloves
2. reminiscing christmastime in cleveland
3. i spent the night in a lonely hotel room in boston while mr p made moroccan chicken. i hate nights away from him.
4. black on black on black... with a brown suitcase (always find it easily!)
5. getting sick.  cozy chamomile makes me feel better :)
6. free yankee candle from my friend who has too many after getting door prizes at the rachel ray show!
7. i was so GOOD last week... green smoothie every morning.
8. "paint the halls" sunday instead of "finally some time to relax" sunday.
9. snuggle time after kickboxing.
10. everyone loves a good thrift store find.
11. favorite pattern. hate the "hand wash only" part.
12. airborne toxic event... hot dude with an upright base and girl rocking the electric violin.  "those" kind of strings are suddenly awesome again.

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charlotte said...

haha #1 is so true!

osmr said...

Your life certainly is busy, however, you seem to be taking it all in stride. Do it while you can but enjoy it! You will be amazed, when you get to be my age, all the things you would and could do in a single day, week, month, year! Life is good - especially when you roll with it.

Also, I hope Mr. P saved you some of his creations (we all know he made more than just one thing in that week you were gone)!

Love to hear what you are up to!!
'til next time.....