Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Night of Noir - JC Fridays with E. Tittlemouse and Co.

jersey city has seriously been stepping up its game.  and right now, i'd have to say most of it has to do with the residents stepping up their game, coming out to support those small businesses that are popping up all over town right now, and the businesses stepping up either game by hosting community events.  it's been a win-win for everyone.  jc fridays has been a fantastic event in downtown jersey city for a while now, celebrating the works of local artists, getting the community out for a night of fun in the meantime.  although jersey city isn't home to galleries on every block, you can find local art in nearly all downtown restaurants and a lot of specialty stores.  for instance, LITM keeps its walls bare white, with rotating local art on display putting pops of color throughout the minimalist bar.

JC Fridays cupcake
cupcakes from sugar supply

while jc fridays is a great event to store hop/bar hop/art gallery hop, we decided to plant our feet at e.tittlemouse and co. for the night.  napoleon and belinda, the store owners, are huge supporters of local talent beginning to shine.  their theme for friday was "a night of noir" celebrating the upcoming works of john trigonis and lauren clemente, as they will soon launch a new comic book titled "siren's calling," a horror noir comic book based in santa monica in 1947.   lauren is the illustrator for the comic, and her art featuring scenes from the comic were on display (and for sale) at the event, including original sketches of the characters. 

E. Tittlemouse and Co.

Lauren Clemente with Siren's Calling artwork
lauren clemente's artwork from siren's calling.

everyone was encouraged to dress as if they were in the comic, the men donning trench coats and fedoras, skinny ties and suspenders.  ladies played their parts with sultry dresses, red lipstick, and victory rolls, headpieces from local jewelry artist caviar noir, or fascinators in their hair.

while i was excited to attend the entire event (gosh the anticipation leading up to it was intense!), a last minute business trip put me at the store 2 hours late.  hoping to catch the tail end of it, i didn't even change my clothes before coming (lame!), but luckily my partner in crime/husband slipped his way to the event right on time, in costume (looking as adorable as ever), with the camera and all! enjoy his amateur-but-awesome photos below (gosh he's getting good at those photo-taking skills!)

Monday, September 8, 2014

DIY paneled door headboard for under $50

after a night spent flying home from a business trip, partying with e.tittlemouse and co. at the night of noir event for jc fridays, and snagging a "night cap" of sour cream blueberry ice cream and earl grey fudge ice cream at milk sugar love, who knew we could even be functional on saturday, let alone saturday MORNING.  (see tomorrow's post for details from the night of noir event!!)

 photo diy_door_headboard_2014090810.jpg

here's the story.  hung and i had been putting off getting a headboard for our bed for a long time.  like 6 months.  which doesn't seem that long for normal people, but for people who complain nearly everyday that the pillows fall behind the bed because we don't have a headboard, it's a long time.

with the way our bedroom is laid out, there's only one location that the bed fits while allowing the drawers beneath the bed to fully open on each side.  this spot puts the head of the bed about partly in front of the exposed brick area of one wall, which leaves about 7 inches of space JUST big enough for all of the pillows to fall behind the bed.

we knew that putting a standard headboard on the bed would waste that precious 7 inches of space behind half of the bed, so we knew we needed to put shelves behind the headboard..... shelves that would hold our phones, glasses, chapstick, etc. since we don't have room for a nightstand and desperately needed a "landing zone" for that stuff.  how hard could it be right?

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

picnic essentials for movies in the park

Picnic Essentials

when our friends asked us to join them at "movies in the park" in van vorst park in downtown jersey city to watch grand budapest hotel, i couldn't help but think of the fairytale version of what it would be like.  tossing out the blanket in slow motion, pouring wine, eating from the iconic brooklyn slate cheeseboard, looking miraculously not-awkward and being lady-like in a cute dress while waiting for the sun to set and the park to fill with people....

movies in Van Vorst Park, Jersey City, NJ

our night didn't stray too far from that fairytale daydream.  we could have done without the movie skipping, and the hung-tries-to-steal-all-the-pillows-ing...   but ya know, you can't have it all ;)  it was the "being with friends" part and the "thankful we live in a place that does this kind of stuff" part that counts! (and the rhubarb-and-random-other-fruit crisp that i pulled together in tiny mason jars right before the movie... that was good too :P  that smitten kitchen recipe is SO easy and versatile!)


farmicia philadelphia

 photo hung_and_jenn_20140831.jpg

after getting to philadelphia around, midnight, sleeping around 2am, waking up at 7am to move my car (stupid weekend parking rules!), and walking all the way from south philly back to old city, to say we were ready for brunch is an understatement!

luckily for us, old city in philadelphia has some great options.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

labor day weekend in philly

photo blue door philly.jpg
i'm just obsessed with the look of this adorable house in south philly.  the blue door, the terra-cotta-colored pots, the greens... it's all my favorite color combination for curb appeal.  paint that brick white and i'd never leave....

after a busy long weekend in philly, hung and i are ready to relax (i suppose watching the documentary tiny, taking a 2-hour nap, and watching 6 episodes of parenthood on netflix yesterday was relaxing, but i could always use more!)

friday started with dinner with friends at the wonderful olive lucy's in morristown before driving to philly that same night, ending the night with late night pizza and looking at our wedding photos for the first time (eek!).  saturday started with a long walk from south philly to old city and brunch at farmicia (hellllloooo $5 cocktails!), walks through spruce street harbor park and south street (where we found a new-to-us dresser for just $44 at a vintage store!), and dinner at cuba libre (maybe the best meal in philly yet).  the night ended in the best way, drinking box wine with friends at a friends house (who needs to pay for $5 beers when you can drink 3 liters of bota box wine for $18?)

how did you spend your labor day weekend?


Friday, August 29, 2014

happy friday!

 photo happy_friday_20140829.jpg wait... it's the weekend already? i feel like this week flew by so fast.  no? you've been waiting for friday since monday?   maybe it's the fact that there's a holiday weekend coming up!?

we're celebrating by seeing many friends we have not seen in WAY too long, making rounds in both new jersey and philly.  we've been to philly so many times, but any suggestions for fun things to do this weekend are certainly welcomed ;) 

also, that frame? it's mine.  or, more accurately, it "will" be mine soon.  my mom has a knack for finding the good stuff.... the good stuff that sells for way-out-of-our-price-range prices in new jersey that sells for pennies in ohio.  the frame came with a mirror, but she took it out with intentions of painting the frame to sell a trendy colorful mirror before i stopped her in her tracks and said that i wanted it exactly the way it was.  i'm a sucker for that gawdy gold stuff.

hung had the idea of "giving me a vanity area" in the bedroom that i was just "meh" about when he first brought it up.  but the more i think about it, the more awesome it sounds.  i mean, we plan to stay in our 2-bedroom apartment through 2 kids, which means 4 people and 1 bathroom, which means eventually the bathroom will be for bathroom duties only.  putting on make-up and blow-drying my hair are not bathroom duties.  plus, he's right, i do enjoy sitting down while putting on my make-up anyways (you can find me sitting on the floor in the living room in front of the mirror most days anyways).

now i just need to find a desk that will fit in that little full-of-natural-light nook in the bedroom.  i'll be perusing craigslist and local reclaimed/vintage/repurposed furniture shops (like L.O.V.E. furniture in east hanover NJ) and i'm sure i'll find "the one".  we found our double drop-leaf, gate-leg dining table at miss pixie's in DC, so we'll be sure to stop in there next time we're in the area too.  brooklyn flea in, well, brooklyn? the frayed knot in hoboken?  now i just need a weekend to actually GO to these places!!

can you tell i'm excited about this project?  we've also got a paneled door headboard project coming up soon.  details on that one soon ;)

cheers!  happy labor day weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

wedding brunch

our wedding brunch was different than your typical wedding brunch.  normally it's full of tired, stayed-at-the-reception-too-late, drank-too-much crowd eating their last meal before parting their separate ways.

ours? it was practically the opposite! our ceremony was at city hall (during normal city hall hours, of course), which meant we were out the doors by 10:30am... and brunch was immediately after! well, after cheyenne took some family photos of course ;)  brunch was held at our favorite weekend breakfast place in jersey city, sam a.m.   we were greeted with the smell of bacon and coffee and the sound of james brown.  our table was ready, with freshly-squeezed orange juice and chilled champagne we took over the night before.  the bar was lined with fresh summer salad, pastries, and a giant plate of smoked salmon.


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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

eighty mag launch

 photo eightymag_launch2.jpg
eighty mag cover featuring billykirk, a jersey city based, made-in-the-usa leather and canvas design company, and the launch party cake, made by cholita dessert bar, a jersey city dessert bar on wheels.

if you haven't noticed already, there are some pretty awesome things happening in jersey city.  i mean, if you just look down newark avenue you'll see boarded up storefronts galore.  no, not boarded up and abandoned, but rather "secret" construction projects waiting to be revealed, putting the entire neighborhood in a state of anxious anticipation.  just since hung and i moved to downtown jersey city 3 years ago, the neighborhood has changed so much (for the better!)  i mean, buzzfeed has been going crazy over jersey city lately, as well as the new york times, yahoo travel (oh hey chadner!), huffington post, business insider, and more.

but last weekend marked another milestone for the transformation of jersey city.  a new jersey city magazine called EIGHTY made its debut at its launch party at the warehouse café.  according to the eightymag websiteEIGHTY is:
"....a visual representation of a city that is bustling with creativity. With original interviews, profiles, and rich full-page photographs, EIGHTY is about the future of Jersey City and the stories of its people and innovators who act on their dreams.
Led by Marinell C. Montales and Chadner Navarro, Jersey City residents of over 10 years, EIGHTY magazine will feature the works of some of the most talented writers, photographers, and illustrators native to Jersey City, as well as contributors whose works have appeared on the covers and pages of Time Out New York, New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Village Voice, and Travel and Leisure."
if you just went "wow!" that was exactly my reaction when i finally got to hold the magazine in my hands and flip through it for the first time at the launch party.  the paper, the photos, the design, the writing, the businesses and the creatives that are featured... it all puts you in a state of awe.  the kicker? the magazine is free.  you can find it at several locations in jersey city, as well as a few places in nyc and other parts of new jersey.

get your copy soon, because they aren't going to last long! 

follow @eightymag on instagram and twitter
(and go follow @beyondthestoop on instagram, twitter, and facebook while you're at it too :P)

 photo eightymag_launch1.jpg  photo eightymag_launch3.jpg
photos via @beyondthestoop on instagram

sending a huge congratulations to chadner and marinell on the success of your premier issue!  we're all looking forward to the future of eighty mag, and the light it brings to our amazing city.