Thursday, September 6, 2012

weeknight double date

i love date night.
date night on a double date is super fun too.
the icing on the cake is that we can have date night in manhattan on any night we want.
(sometimes i still have to pinch myself to know this is really my life!!)

it was such a beautiful afternoon in jersey city, wasn't it? want to see pics of the double date?


last night we went to a taqueria/cafe in soho(ish??)  called corner deli (or la esquina? not sure the name really...) with our new (and awesome!) friends.  i read about this place first from naomi on this not-so-recent-anymore trip to NYC.

last night there could have been nothing better than sitting on the manhattan sidewalk, watching people pass, enjoying the cool weather, drinking sangrias, and eating tacos.

aaaaand of course once 1 person mentioned getting ice cream at torico's, we couldn't turn it down!!  mr p tried out one of their new "pies".  it's a graham cracker crust, pie-flavored ice cream (he got his already-favorite flavor, pumpkin pie), with whipped cream on top.  it's a genius idea, and this is why we love torico's!

date night deemed a success!
tacos and ice cream was the perfect recipe ;)



M. Eileen said...

you photos are wonderful! I love date nights - what a fun mexican double date!

Dana said...

Got any Philly trips planned in the near future? I think a TRIPLE date is in order!

Unknown said...

You make me want to visit jersey and go on fun dates! lovely blog! xoxo

Jillian said...

Tacos and pie-flavored ice cream sound awesome! Looks like such a great time.

Sarah said...

Date night its great, a double date is awesome and with Mexican food and sunshine? Jealous doesn't even cover it!

Such fabulous pictures!

Sarah XxX