Thursday, December 1, 2011

Furry Friends

I think it's no secret to almost anyone who is around me that I want to get a {furry friend}.  Though I know dogs are "a man's best friend" and there are sooo many people walking dogs outside in our neighborhood, I can't hardly see the practicality of getting one.  I grew up with almost always having a dog, so I know how fun they can be.  It's nice to be able to take them on a walk, play outside, play inside, teach them tricks, have them snuggle up beside you at night.

The reality is, as you all well know, Mr P and I are always on the go.  Whether it's going to Ohio for holidays (or just because), going to Philly to visit friends, going to Florida to visit family, or simply going out for a fun weeknight date, we're out of the house a lot.  The dog would either have "accidents" all over our apartment all the time because we aren't home enough to let him out (ew, gross), sending him to doggie daycare (around here it's as much $$ as CHILD daycare! no, thanks), or calling all friends to watch him while we are away for the weekend (i.e. babysit him and have no life for the weekend because doing anything or going anywhere around here takes so much longer than home in Ohio).  No matter now much I love dogs, we're just not getting one.

We COULD however, get a {different} furry friend that is just as cuddly (and sometimes more fun... not mentioning any {fun} we had with our cats growing up).  You can leave cats for the weekend without worrying about "accidents" or running out of food.  We could leave the cat all day while we are at work (usually around 11 hours including travel time).  In fact, we were {this} close to bringing this little guy home with us during a trip to Toledo (Mr P almost couldn't handle his cuteness):

But, then Mr P came back to reality and remembered that he really doesn't enjoy cat hair, or litter boxes (ok ok I don't think anyone does).  If we could find a cat that would not shed, and would use the toilet (and flush), we would have my little friend already.

Until the day comes that we adopt a kitten (yes, "until" and not "if", and yes, adopt a "kitten" and not "cat" because half the fun is when it's a kitten), I will have to settle for remembering the good times with this one:

....and seeing this cutie patootie face when we go home to Ohio at my mom's house:

{snuggling during Thanksgiving weekend}

{putting up with my Halloween torture pet costume obsession}

"I'm trying to relax, and you're totally ruining it"

{kisses in the park}

{if a dog could smile, this is what it would look like}

{love this face}

{the "moving hand under the blanket" is his favorite game}

{sometimes he's a tough guy, and scares all the geese away}

{annnual $1 Christmas vest}

....and {until} we get that fun, furry, feline friend, Mr P will have to be my pinch hitter for a snuggle buddy ;)



ms.composure said...

aw they are 2 cute!!! lovin the pics!!

Sabrina said...

They look soo adorable!!