Tuesday, January 22, 2013

obsession: parenthood (the show)

what sort of show ENDS a season in JANUARY!?

the only show i watch, apparently.

clearly i'm upset.

i mean, i rarely watch anything worth watching on television. 
usually, the small amount of time it's on, we watch reruns of whatever-food-network-or-HGTV-show-that's-on, but don't REALLY pay attention to it.

 photo parenthoodold_zps443ca674.jpg
anyways, parenthood.
it's about the bravermans, a family (of families) in the bay area, each at different stages of familyhood, each with their own issues, but always seem to get it together when it comes to being one big family. the closest i can compare to, is brother and sisters (but way better, of course!)  there are a ton of storylines, though, because the family is so big... i guess it's sort of like a prime-time soap opera, but with better actors and more humor. i'm sure you might recognize many of the faces in the photo above, it's filled with famous actors (like lauren graham , aka lorelai gilmore , she plays a very similar role in this show) ...and wikipedia even went to far as to creating a family tree to keep track of them all, for those of you newbies ;)

 photo parenthoodfamilytree_zps9f2ac5c0.jpg


i have this rule where i don't let ANY television show dictate my nightly events.
(it's a good thing parenthood is on Hulu for free)
tonight i've got plans in the city, so, inevitably, i have to miss it...
(biting my tongue for making that rule)

i guess i have to stay clear of where my mouse takes me on the internets so i don't get a spoiler!

if you haven't watched the show before, there's lots of time to get caught of on all 4 seasons before it starts again next fall :)



Anonymous said...

I'm in love with the family tree! New to your blog and so glad we share a similar obsession. Anyone who is down with Parenthood is good in my book!

samm @ dysfunctionaleverafter.com

Jo Dhesi said...

It hasnt been renewed yet and no plans for a new season - i hope it isnt over =/

Unknown said...

that show is so good, I can't even handle it. I'm five episodes behind. this will not do!

Michelle said...

I love parenthood, it's quite the tear jerker this season isn't it! So bummed about the hank/sarah/mark triangle!