Sunday, January 6, 2013

the things we do...

"home" home for me is a 10-11 hour drive, a straight shot outta NYC to the midwest.

that's FAR .

but, there are times when it's not far enough for mr p and i to shell out $500 for 2 plane tickets to the nearest airport (still either 1.5 or 2.5 hours from "home" home), then rent a car and still have to drive.

these times we just suck it up, put smiles on our faces, and do the drive.  it's a really good thing we get along well being in the car for that long, sometimes hungover, and most of the time exhausted.  we are usually dreading the trip home when we set out on the road to ohio, but by the end of the weekend, the trip is too short, we didn't see everyone we wanted to see, it didn't feel like enough time with family, and we wish we would have taken off just 1 more vacation day....

this weekend was no different.  we spent just over 24 hours in the land of giant windmills in ohio/indiana (which fill the nighttime skyline and have red lights on them that creepily blink on and off ALL at the same time!!), and just under 24 hours in the car getting there and back.  of course the trip was insanely short, but we got that warm, fuzzy feeling seeing my mom, seeing my college friends, and seeing another friend marry his sweetheart.

luckily i already made mr p's mom's lemongrass chicken (not too bad for a first-try!! recipe to come once it's perfected...) for dinner tomorrow and i get to sleep in monday for work
(scratch that, my day begins at 6am with a 2-hour drive ahead to work outside in the sub-freezing temperatures outside)
guess that's my cue to go to bed....


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his little lady said...

This lemongrass chicken looks delicious!
xo TJ