Friday, November 1, 2013

happy weekend

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(dinner from last night, steak with chimichurri sauce, i swear i could be like that lady on the frank's Red Hot commercials and say "i put that shit on everything". every bite of my dinner last night got dunked in that stuff, broccoli and all)

wow these past few days have been quite the busy ones!! between driving all around the state for my day job, waking up WELL before dawn to get in good runs, going to kickboxing after work, and prepping for a baby shower this weekend, i'm pretty much exhausted!!  i just wanted to stop in and say i wish i could slow down to finish writing so many of the posts i started this week, but it just didn't happen.... can we just have a week of 48-hour days?  i'd like that.

halloween FLEW by this year, but if you follow me on instagram , you know that mr p and i dressed up as minions! and ever since i discovered the "banana song" while in a panic search for learning how to "speak minion" before the party, i've had it stuck in my head...  it's just so darn catchy and adorable!!

thank me (or smack me) for that 50-second gem later ;)

cheers to the weekend!
only 16 hours of driving ahead of us, we're obviously not slowing down anytime soon...

what are your plans?!


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