Wednesday, March 5, 2014


last weekend hung and i did a whirlwind tour around ohio, stopping to see friends and family along the way.  luckily for us, that meant we got to see babies! well, i'm not sure if it made hung as happy as me (who are we kidding, he's just as giddy when he sees a baby, no matter how much he likes to deny it) but even with the tooting and the crying and the soggy-cake-filled sneezes i couldn't get enough.

first stop was to see this lil guy (and his wonderful parents of course).  camden was a crank butt when we finally arrived at midnight, but by morning he was a happy little booger who let me feed him cake samples (then he proceeded to sneeze all over my shirt with a mouth full of chewed up cake, haha) you can't get mad at a face like that though! i suppose it "was" my fault for feeding a 11-month-old baby cake at 8:00am...
 photo 2014-03-053_zps671ebfe1.jpg
monday we drove to columbus to see this lil one.  well, he's not exactly "little".  because clyde was born at 8 lb 11 oz just two weeks ago, his daddy (who obviously read those baby books) says he already looks like an infant! (i guess instead of a newborn? so much to learn when having a baby) he sure is a cutie, and has two of the best parents, and big brother gunner the pup.

 photo 2014-03-051_zps235f989c.jpg  photo 2014-03-052_zpsb6894db0.jpg
we're always spoiled with cuties when we travel, but no friends in the area have babies yet.  i think they need to get on that so i can start babysitting!! (or at least start inviting myself over to smother them :P)
p.s. you may have already seen some of these on instagram @beyondthestoop ;)

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