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Sunday, December 2, 2012


happy holidays from the woman engineers at my company holiday party!

melissa's hubs snagged this classic candid as we all froze our butts off while trying to pose on the balcony/patio of the chart house without our hair blowing in our faces with the manhattan skyline in the background.


Friday, June 22, 2012

a woman's blind senses

you totally know what i'm talking about.

i KNOW you do.

"babe, can you get the ____ out of my purse please?"

(5 minutes go by)

"it's not in there"

"yes it is, just let me find it"

(you put your feelers on, dig inside that black hole without looking, and magically come up with what you were looking for)

"see, i told ya so"

yep... that's what i'm talking about.  we can have the biggest bag and find anything without looking, just by knowing what it feels like.

i'm sure this will come in handy someday when i eventually have kids (ugh, as much as i'm obsessed with babies, the thought of it terrifies me right now!!) ....i swear they only make those things in giant, giant-er, and super giant, and i'll be able to find anything in a flash .... 

 take a glance the next time you see the 1238904th stroller going down the street.... those things are huge. 
no? that's only hoboken and jersey city that's ridicuously baby-filled?
my b.

cheers to the weekend!
what are you up to?
we are going to see these lovely former-islanders for their engagement party!!

just adorable!