Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Funday

How can the day be filled with a trip to A&P, fresh ground and brewed 44 North Coffee, homemade poptarts, meatballs, bread, chicken salad, cucumber tomato feta salad, knitted slippers, and a new blog... and we STILL feel like we had a relaxing day?  ...because everything was something we enjoy.

Welcome to Two Peas.  We cook, we craft, we do what we love, and like to have fun.  Living in Hoboken has proven to be a challenge, given our roughly 350sf apartment and our passion for all things kitchen and craft (and video games, but I certainly won't be blogging about that, unless my other half sneaks on here and writes, but given his track record on blogs, that won't be happening anytime soon!)  It's a good thing we really like one another, otherwise we would be pulling our hair out with the mess we can make in just a few seconds, whether it's me stringing yarn all over our 8x11 living room, or flour covering all 3' of counter space we have in our kitchen.

We have grown to love our small space, and really live with what we have.  It wasn't easy getting to this point though... a few decluttering rampages, and me getting "the talk" about "babe... do you really need to have 6 winter coats?" has led to a few trips to Salvation Army with my teeny car packed to the brim with bags of clothes, kitchen doubles, and old electronics.

So, much of our efforts and "leisure" has turned to cooking.  It's fun, exciting, delicious, and gets gobbled up eventually, leaving nothing to sit around taking up more space.  Though we have more gadgets than the average bear, we have managed to keep it all within the boundaries of the kitchen.  When I start to find gadgets hidden under the bed, or under the couch, I might have to have a decluttering rampage, much to someone else's dismay.

Many of our adventures stem from reading other blogs, and many inspirations come from the places we go, food we eat, and people we meet!  I look forward to documenting the exciting times doing what we love, with who we love, and hope you love it too!

I will leave you with one picture of our many culinary treats of the day, homemade poptarts! After a visit from my mom last weekend we were left with a big bag of rhubarb, and decided that rhubarb jam was the best use, since we could enjoy it for weeks on toast, in yogurt, or even added to smoothies!  ...or ice cream... yum.  Then posted an article with mini poptarts on a stick, and I knew I had to make them.  Here are the recipes I pieced together to make it all:

Martha's basic pie crust recipe:

Random googled rhubarb jam recipe:

Inspiration article:

Actual pop tart making article:


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