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Monday, September 22, 2014

what sundays are made for

 photo riverview_park_nyc_view.jpg

my monday brain might be thinking differently, as i got about half the sleep i should have got last night, but seriously, this sunday was the best.  my video-game-loving husband got to play video games while i went for a 6.5 mile run with a friend, got a blueberry scone from the riverview farmer's market and a ice coffee from modcup, drove to l.o.v.e. furniture to check out their collection of awesome vintage finds and refinished furniture, cleaned the house, and had friends over for dinner. 

how i ran 6.5 miles on a SUNDAY MORNING is beyond me.  i always thought that running with friends would wear me out faster because you end up talking, and can't breathe, etc. but it seems to pass the time faster! maybe that's what i've been doing wrong? i mean, as much as i love ke$ha, i can only listen to them so much before i realize i know the exact length of each song, and get sad when i've gone .35 exactly only miles to "blow". 

hung has become the master at making ma po tofu, and i think it's because we learned that a chinese sauce made from fermented black beans and chilis is the key ingredient to, well, everything.  for once we didn't have sweat dripping down our faces in a panic rush to get dinner done on time, because the dish is super fast to make (we just had sweat dripping from EATING it, because it's so spicy!).

can i have a repeat of that sunday every sunday?

how was your weekend?


Sunday, February 24, 2013

sunday funday

one good thing about jet lag from being in europe?

it forces you to go to bed at the time you should go to bed and wakes you up at times you should be getting up... which means i was up before the effing sun laid in bed until there was sun outside this morning, and had nothing better to do than be productive.  with more traveling ahead this week, i had to get the things done that mr p can't do himself (ok ok, he DOES cook me dinner EVERY night, so i "guess" i'm ok with doing his laundry :P)

here's a peek at what our day looked like...

 photo fa37825b-e0d7-470e-8323-d7471b970b7f_zpse223b59f.jpg

 photo ed13cec6-c324-4fd3-aadf-5037db7d547d_zpsd533861f.jpg
guac & salsa... mr p's comment to this lunch is "i love being an adult, where chips and salsa is a perfectly acceptable meal"

 photo cae3f1c4-583f-42c9-89aa-e0b1d3d45fde_zpsaf62edcb.jpg  photo 36e7f6dc-3a55-4d9f-ac8a-cc00f9e15e76_zpsa82efdaf.jpg
finally made strawberry rhubarb jam with home-grown rhubarb from my mom's friends garden, and i've got a mild obsession with diet sunkist right now.  just call me kel mitchell.

 photo dd911b05-a17b-4d95-bfb9-619d067be39a_zps5154927f.jpg
thanks for the extra blue ball jars, mom! though we don't have a better place for them than the window sill right now, at least they are pretty to look at.

 photo 2923e5d6-4b68-4c92-a552-392eb9d5b1c1_zps6551fe63.jpg
"hey babe, put on your robe so i can take a picture of you from the back"
(that's exactly what happened 30 seconds before this photo)

 photo de75a6e4-78f1-4f69-b303-b3c9baa46195_zpsaa87003e.jpg
i'm gonna miss cozy days like this while i'm out of town for work this week....
(i'm NOT gonna miss this dry weather when it is overwith!  this whole wearing-socks-24/7-so-my-heels-stop-cracking thing sort of stinks)


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

sunday funday: the color run

have you heard of the color run !?
did you run in it?
did you have a blast?

a few weeks ago (on a sunday of course, hence the post title), in the midst of our marathon travel month, we megabused it (for only $35 total for mr p and i roundtrip!) to DC to visit friends and to run the 5k color run...

we started out so fresh and so clean, clean on the crisp morning in national harbor...

...and we finished with a bang

...then danced in the party afterwards

....and ended up looking like this

it was a fun morning that's for sure :)

it wasn't SO fun getting up early after drinking lots of beer and staying up too late the night before playing sobriety test. it's a SUPER fun game that makes you do things like this...

it helps if you have fun friends :P


Monday, August 27, 2012

sunday funday.

- brunch a few blocks from home at marco and pepe

- ginger ice cream cone from torico
(a nice chat with our friend the owner while she was making homemade waffle cones resulted in a still-warm, hot off the press waffle cone... the kind that's still a bit chewy because it's still piping hot kind. heavenly.)

- and a bike ride around liberty state park
(wait, bikes? yes, bikes. we got bikes! more on that later)

- and a bbq courtesy of our friends at NYC-JC Guest Suites  at one of their hotel/rental locations at 70 greene street  in paulus hook. you should check them out! they have great offers for apartment style hotels close to the PATH trains!
(no pictures of the actual scene to share, only 1 from the quick afterparty... blogger fail)

how was your weekend?
the weather here was PERFECT .
if only it was that way all summer...


Sunday, April 8, 2012

sunday funday

the best kind of sunday, right?

i painted our wood chairs from the dining set that was in our apartment when we got it, and mr p painted a painting. 
(that was the deal after i kept nagging him to paint the painting)

...but before all that, we swept and steam-mopped ALL the floors (even under the couch and the claw-foot tub), dusted (including the wood trim), nozzled all floor/wall edges, and i TRIED going through my clothes to get rid of some, but sadly could only part with a small pile that i could pick up with 1 hand.

after all that was finished before noon, i decided that today was the day to paint the chairs! i put on some painting clothes and old tennies, i took my mini-radio, the chairs, and the paint outside, and i went to work on this beautiful day!!  (while mr p stayed inside painting :D)

(after bringing the chairs inside, i realized there are some bare spots on the chairs still... but that can wait for my next free weekend :P)

outlines sketched, painting the background a light whispy gray

practicing the lips

finished product! definitely better than buying a not-so-personal ikea or pier 1 painting, right? right.

after munching on empandas all morning and afternoon, i decided to make deviled eggs! (we had to do SOMETHING easter-spirited since we didn't really do any other easter festivities today)

(key to making these deviled eggs delicious?? LIME juice and SMOKED paprika!)

now it's time to pull out some tortellini from last weekend and frozen pesto and make dinner (since we couldn't get any fresh food because groceries are closed today for easter)  it's a good thing we prep ahead sometimes!!

happy easter :D