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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

A Night of Noir - JC Fridays with E. Tittlemouse and Co.

jersey city has seriously been stepping up its game.  and right now, i'd have to say most of it has to do with the residents stepping up their game, coming out to support those small businesses that are popping up all over town right now, and the businesses stepping up either game by hosting community events.  it's been a win-win for everyone.  jc fridays has been a fantastic event in downtown jersey city for a while now, celebrating the works of local artists, getting the community out for a night of fun in the meantime.  although jersey city isn't home to galleries on every block, you can find local art in nearly all downtown restaurants and a lot of specialty stores.  for instance, LITM keeps its walls bare white, with rotating local art on display putting pops of color throughout the minimalist bar.

JC Fridays cupcake
cupcakes from sugar supply

while jc fridays is a great event to store hop/bar hop/art gallery hop, we decided to plant our feet at e.tittlemouse and co . for the night.  napoleon and belinda, the store owners, are huge supporters of local talent beginning to shine.  their theme for friday was "a night of noir" celebrating the upcoming works of john trigonis and lauren clemente , as they will soon launch a new comic book titled " siren's calling ," a horror noir comic book based in santa monica in 1947.   lauren is the illustrator for the comic, and her art featuring scenes from the comic were on display (and for sale) at the event, including original sketches of the characters. 

E. Tittlemouse and Co.

Lauren Clemente with Siren's Calling artwork
lauren clemente's artwork from siren's calling .

everyone was encouraged to dress as if they were in the comic, the men donning trench coats and fedoras, skinny ties and suspenders.  ladies played their parts with sultry dresses, red lipstick, and victory rolls, headpieces from local jewelry artist caviar noir , or fascinators in their hair.

while i was excited to attend the entire event (gosh the anticipation leading up to it was intense!), a last minute business trip put me at the store 2 hours late.  hoping to catch the tail end of it, i didn't even change my clothes before coming (lame!), but luckily my partner in crime/husband slipped his way to the event right on time, in costume (looking as adorable as ever), with the camera and all! enjoy his amateur-but-awesome photos below (gosh he's getting good at those photo-taking skills!)

Monday, August 11, 2014


 photo facesblack.jpg

what's the fun in signing your name with, well, your name?  when hung and i first started dating, i noticed he drew this "face" on everything he signed for his friends or family (cards, wedding sign-in books, etc.)  everyone knows "the face" and quite honestly, i was a little jealous. so i made one too,  seizing the idea as "our thing" instead of "his thing" (sorry babes).  since then, we've been to a LOT of weddings, sent out a LOT of christmas cards, and used these faces a LOT. 

so, why not use them for our wedding? we're practically doing everything untraditional anyways, wouldn't you like to get an invite and a save-the-date with some personality to it? who says you have to have fancy writing and proper embossing and use you "wedding colors"? this is about as personal as it gets! i'm starting with the design above, and work with it to make the invites, the save the dates, the itineraries, any sort of "paper" that goes along with the wedding will have this logo brand... style? (we're not a business, we're a couple)

anyways, when we decided to go down this path, we both decided our faces needed an upgrade to match our looks.  if you remember OOOOLD blog posts i used to sign with this signature:

 photo signature.jpg

those are the faces we've been using for years, but since hung has that slicked back/man-swoop thing going on, and i chopped my hair to a pixie (remember, i talked about our new hair here ), the faces needed and upgrade.  no better time than when we get married, right?  i liked the look of these wedding invites , and how the drawn faces were cut off on the side, so i might end up putting a border around the edges to show that it was intentional that the faces were cut off on the side, but for now, you get the idea ;)  when i saw those invites though, i thought it was the PERFECT way to incorporate our "faces" into our wedding.

looking forward to designing the rest of it! for now, we've got to start practicing just drawing these new faces, so next time we're signing the wedding book at the next wedding, we're not holding up the line :P

what do you guys think!? did you do something creative for your wedding invites?

now, if only i had adobe illustrator or photoshop to properly design them! (maybe i'll set aside one weekend and bang everything out within the free trial period!?)


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

april date night: BYOB painting class

 photo artstudioNYBYOBpaintingclass.jpg

i think everytime i plan a date night from now on, i will only think that no date will top our march date (hint: that's when hung proposed !)

...however, last night was pretty fun too.  trying to err on the cheaper side of things these days while we save up for a wedding and a kitchen remodel, i planned a night at the art studio NY for a painting class! i felt it was a little cliché when i signed us up.  it seems that everyone is doing the BYOB painting classes, but now i know why! they really are fun!  and we came home with two clearly amateur beautiful paintings to find a place in our home.

Friday, February 14, 2014


 photo DSC06298_zps7bd92c50.jpg  photo DSC06300_zps25eba6f4.jpg

happy valentine's day! we're actually a non-celebrating house. we're hanging with friends tonight instead of being romantic (we're romantic everyday!)

however, in the spirit of valentine's day, i thought i would share a recent print i bought from artists and fleas in chelsea market when my mom was in town in december.  it is (appropriately) named "hug". is he not the cutest?  we're not shy about buying "monster" art.  this is actually our third print from leroy's place, and we have another block print from kudu-lah that has a cutie pie monster on it (see it here ).  this guy hasn't found a permanent home quite yet, but we still get to enjoy it while we work at the computer for now.  

i guess it represents our love for new york city? yes, yes it does.  if i could give the empire state building a big hug, i'd do it too.

leroy's place sells prints and jewelry at artists and fleas in williamsburg, brooklyn and the brooklyn night bazaar (also in williamsburg).  prints are 1 for $15, or 2 for $25.  BUT, the cool thing is if you want the original painting, you can purchase them when they come up on their facebook page ! (gosh i just found this out! now i NEED one!)


Friday, October 5, 2012

little monsters

what's your design style?

are you the type of person who wants to walk into ikea (or pottery barn, or west elm, or cb2, or....), pick a room and buy everything in it because it looks good and it's easy?

or, are you the type of person who can handle having blank walls until you find the right piece?

do you decorate in calm colors and prints? or go w i l d with colors?

do you fall in love with trendy art or whatever is in the store? or do you seek out vintage shops and craft fairs for the quirky stuff with its own personality?

mr p and i like conversation pieces with personality.
which means when someone walks into our house, they will ask about the artwork on the walls, and we will tell a story.

instead of saying "oh, that? i just picked it up at bed bath and beyond, we needed something for above the television"....
i can say "well, we were out with our friends trying brooklyn's finest street food when we stumbled upon an art fair and couldn't resist them!"

the latter is the case for the majority of the art in our apartment.  i have a few pieces that came from pier 1 or bed bath and beyond, but the pieces we truly enjoy the most are the ones with a story (like this one , this one , and this one )

we found our our little monsters prints at artists and fleas (can't remember the artist, so sorry!!!) in brooklyn after stuffing our faces with delicious food at smorgasburg one VERY sunny summer day.  they patiently waited for their permanent home all summer while we searched for cheap 8.5x11 frame to put them in (and even now the frames aren't perfect, they are a bit too small for the space, but they will work!) but they have finally made their debut on our walls!

we like converstion pieces, and comical conversation pieces they are!  monsters sketched into classy art pieces!?! now that's our kind of style!

now we just have to frame the best art piece yet... it just stinks that it has to be custom-framed since it's an odd shape.  mr p surprised me one day with this poster, but we keep pushing off shelling out hundreds on getting it custom-framed... it's going to be so cool when we hang it up though... but you'll just have to wait to see it ;)

cheers to the weekend !

p.s. i'm SO glad the weather is starting to cool down and we will be able to take that ugly air conditioner out of the window soon! i can't STAND looking at it anymore!  But... the reality is that we live in a 100+ year old brownstone that HASN'T been gutted, so central air is just not in the books.... i suppose it's ok though, it's only 1 of a handful of things we don't like about living where we do compared to the 432890432890 things we LOVE!

Monday, August 6, 2012

rex ray postcard prints

if you haven't heard of rex ray, just google-image his name (or click here ).

his prints are SO fun.  and i've been a fan for a while.  but, it's hard to choose just one.

when i visited college friends in michigan in april, i snagged this postcard book of THIRTY prints for just $10!!! it was a STEAL in my opinion.  i had no intentions of ever using them as postcards, i always had my vision of framing them.  

so, i finally went to ikea to find MANY cheap, white frames , and came across white 4x6 frames, 2 for just $3!! score!

the postcards were slightly larger than 4x6, so i had to trim each of them down (pain in the BUTT!)

we then went to home depot and bought 2 10-ft long 1x3 boards .  chopped into 4 lengths of 56.5", we only wasted about 7 inches from each board!  each 10' board was only $5.58.  we had to buy 3 packs of 2" corner braces , $4.68/pack of 4, to mount the 1x3's to the wall (though we now realize we only need 2 because the frames are SO lightweight).

we installed the braces to the boards, made sure the boards were level on the wall, and drilled the screws into the wall, spacing each with 11" clear space!

i haven't really made sure the frames are all evenly spaced yet, i think i might need an OCD friend to come do that for me, because now that they are at least UP , i will probably put off putting them all in their REAL home for a while :P  i'm just happy we finally have some art above the new desktop!

24 postcards (or 24 4x6 pieces of fabric, scrapbook paper, fun magazine clippings, be creative!)
24 cheap, identical frames
1x3 boards, cut to desired length
2 corner braces per board, plus more if needed*

scissors (if paper/postcards are not the correct size)
tape measure
drill (or screwdriver and strong MUSCLES to screw in the screws!)

1. cut postcards/paper to size and put in frames
2. measure location of corner braces on 1x3 boards, making sure to install them at the same distance from the end, each end, each board.  install corner braces by pressing (1) 1x3 up to a flat, vertical surface, placing the brace up tight to the vertical surface and flat against the board.  install screws with screwdriver or drill.
3. measure where each board is to be placed on the wall, evenly spaced, and leaving the same clear space at the top near the ceiling.
4. hold (1) shelf in place and adjust with level (may need 2 sets of hands for this step and from here on out, depending on the length of your shelf!)
5. drill screws into remaining wall holes of the braces.
6. repeat for remaining shelves.
7. lean all 24 frames against wall resting on the shelves.


cost breakdown:
postcards = $10
frames = $3/ 2 frames, 24 frames = $36
boards = $5.58, 2 boards = $11.16
brackets = $4.68/4, 3 packs = $14.04

total = $71.20

so, for WELL under $100, we filled up a whole wall full of art.  not. too. bad. IMO

keep in mind my space was 56.5" long, and i used 4x6 frames.  this method can be used with ANY size frames on ANY length of wall.



p.s... thinking about painting the UNDER SIDE of the shelves a fun color... thoughts? color suggestions??

Thursday, April 26, 2012

playing tourist

it doesn't matter where you are, or where you are from, sometimes it's just FUN to play tourist for the day.

what better time to play tourist than when you have visitors!?!?

as i mentioned here, my mom came to visit last weekend!  and we played tourist all weekend... but a FUN kind of tourist.  we did the cheesy kind of tourist LAST time she was here (statue of liberty, times square, radio city, etc... cheesy but necessary for newcomers!!)

mr p picks up mom from laguardia
eat vietnamese food in jersey city

explore historic downtown, waterfront, and van vorst park areas of jersey city 
eat AMAZING food at made with love bakery
eat homemade tortellini for dinner when mr p comes home

made with love: mac 'n cheese

sophie sophia: choco cupcake with buttercream frosting

jersey city public library: very old, very beautiful, looks VERY much like the old library in van wert!

jersey city public library: original marble stairs, worn thin at the inside rails

pita, cukes, and hummus... perfect snack after a long day!

cucumber vodka and club soda... refreshing summery cocktail (with a cute bottle to boot!)

homemade tortellini with watercress and tomatos (see recipe here), except this time we made it creamy by simply adding a splash of heavy cream!

explore brooklyn by going to the brooklyn flea, brooklyn botanic garden, and the transit museum
catch an early dinner at nook in hell's kitchen

started off the morning with a bit of relaxing :D

mom picked up some letters from an old letterpress at the brooklyn flea
(whatever she does with them, it will be SO cool!!)

prefect weather for perusing the flea.

kumquat cakery, so yummy.

bacon.. on top of cream cheese frosting.. on top of cupcake? too hard to resist!

tacos double-wrapped in corn tortillas.  the ONLY way to go!

mr p was too fascinated by the MOBILE wood-fired pizza oven, he had to buy one.

random building with pretty random art on the pretty walk from the flea to the botanic garden

brooklyn botanic garden: cherry blossoms!

brooklyn botanic garden: cherry blossoms!

sometimes he's just so cute... even when we drag him around all day

deep purple lilacs, smells SO pretty!

transit museum: one of the first subway cars!

random brooklyn building, with random fun art, on the way to the train

nook, quite possibly my favorite restaurant in NYC... in close competition with enoteca maria in staten island

nook: mushroom cigars and tuna tartar

nook: filet mignon

nook: steak fritesm with rosemary fries

nook: thai-marinated grilled rack of lamb

weather decides to monsoon, so mom and i (naturally) go shopping
(target had all beach essentials on sale, so i couldn't pass up getting two beach chairs and a floppy beach hat!! saturday beach days, here we come!!)
mr p makes homemade sammich bread and herbed chicken and we eat delicious herbed chicken sammiches
i make ice cream, and we layer in homemade granola to the ice cream (ahhh so good!! kudos to mr p for the wonderful idea!)

mr p started our morning by making egg, miracle whip and tomato sammiches!

mr p's herbed chicken sammiches on homemade bread

homemade ice cream with homemade granola layers (thanks to jeni britton and her manhattan williams sonoma ice cream tutorial and book-signing, otherwise we would be blind to this delicacy!!)

i decide i NEED a swimsuit from old navy (tried on earlier) for the summer, and for a atlantic city trip a few weekends from now, so mom and i drive hours through crazy traffic to find a mis-tagged suit in union city for $20 (paid only $16 after a 20% off coupon!! yaya! originally priced for $45)
eat at bareburger in manhattan before dropping mom off at laguardia.

bareburger: fries with THREE dipping sauces!

bareburger: mr p's original beef burger, medium, on brioche with fried egg and bacon.  he came late, and i knew EXACTLY how he wanted his burger :D  (brownie points for me???)

bareburger: we really wanted the fried pickles, so i ordered "assorted pickles" not realizing that the "assorted" ones we NOT fried (super sad face)

we walked A LOT , ate A LOT , shopped A LOT , and got to spend LOTS of quality mom and daughter time!!
a rather successful weekend if i do say so myself :D

can't wait for the next time she comes to visit!!