Monday, August 4, 2014

he vs. she: hair

when you've been together with someone for a long time, people start to say that you act the same, or you look the same, or you talk the same.  when we asked some friends at kickboxing if we looked alike or acted alike, they were speechless.  it was like crickets.  maybe that's a good thing hung and i are so different? 

one thing's for sure though, we have a love of hair.  short hair, really, but since boys have short hair anyways, i'm just going to say "hair".  well.. maybe it's more than hair, it's almost the same style, except mine isn't SO short on the sides (yet?)  we even use the same products: american crew fiber and tresemme tres two hairspray

 photo hunghaircomboverjustintimberlake.jpg
he: loves the modern combover/swoop back/clean cut look.  basically JT's newest 'do.  but... he's got asian hair insead of white boy hair, and his stylist is an amateur (me). i'm working on perfecting it.  one day he'll have the look down to a T.

 photo jennhairpixie.jpg
she: loves the faux-hawk but doesn't have the confidence to rock it yet (outside of the house anyways).  at least she's got a good cheerleader (hung) to help her rock it one day (maybe after the wedding i'll get another cut short enough for the faux-hawk?)

so yeah.  hair is a fun thing in our house.  we're both sporting some cuts that we were afraid to try at first, but gained that extra boost of confidence once we pulled the plug.  plus, if it ended up turning out bad, it's just hair, it grows back.  we can't say the same for tattoos, though, so it's a good thing we don't have any.... yet?

image credits: image of JT via the berry , image of ashlye via nothingbutpixies , shot by dametreus ward

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