Monday, August 6, 2012

rex ray postcard prints

if you haven't heard of rex ray, just google-image his name (or click here ).

his prints are SO fun.  and i've been a fan for a while.  but, it's hard to choose just one.

when i visited college friends in michigan in april, i snagged this postcard book of THIRTY prints for just $10!!! it was a STEAL in my opinion.  i had no intentions of ever using them as postcards, i always had my vision of framing them.  

so, i finally went to ikea to find MANY cheap, white frames , and came across white 4x6 frames, 2 for just $3!! score!

the postcards were slightly larger than 4x6, so i had to trim each of them down (pain in the BUTT!)

we then went to home depot and bought 2 10-ft long 1x3 boards .  chopped into 4 lengths of 56.5", we only wasted about 7 inches from each board!  each 10' board was only $5.58.  we had to buy 3 packs of 2" corner braces , $4.68/pack of 4, to mount the 1x3's to the wall (though we now realize we only need 2 because the frames are SO lightweight).

we installed the braces to the boards, made sure the boards were level on the wall, and drilled the screws into the wall, spacing each with 11" clear space!

i haven't really made sure the frames are all evenly spaced yet, i think i might need an OCD friend to come do that for me, because now that they are at least UP , i will probably put off putting them all in their REAL home for a while :P  i'm just happy we finally have some art above the new desktop!

24 postcards (or 24 4x6 pieces of fabric, scrapbook paper, fun magazine clippings, be creative!)
24 cheap, identical frames
1x3 boards, cut to desired length
2 corner braces per board, plus more if needed*

scissors (if paper/postcards are not the correct size)
tape measure
drill (or screwdriver and strong MUSCLES to screw in the screws!)

1. cut postcards/paper to size and put in frames
2. measure location of corner braces on 1x3 boards, making sure to install them at the same distance from the end, each end, each board.  install corner braces by pressing (1) 1x3 up to a flat, vertical surface, placing the brace up tight to the vertical surface and flat against the board.  install screws with screwdriver or drill.
3. measure where each board is to be placed on the wall, evenly spaced, and leaving the same clear space at the top near the ceiling.
4. hold (1) shelf in place and adjust with level (may need 2 sets of hands for this step and from here on out, depending on the length of your shelf!)
5. drill screws into remaining wall holes of the braces.
6. repeat for remaining shelves.
7. lean all 24 frames against wall resting on the shelves.


cost breakdown:
postcards = $10
frames = $3/ 2 frames, 24 frames = $36
boards = $5.58, 2 boards = $11.16
brackets = $4.68/4, 3 packs = $14.04

total = $71.20

so, for WELL under $100, we filled up a whole wall full of art.  not. too. bad. IMO

keep in mind my space was 56.5" long, and i used 4x6 frames.  this method can be used with ANY size frames on ANY length of wall.



p.s... thinking about painting the UNDER SIDE of the shelves a fun color... thoughts? color suggestions??


Okie in Jersey said...

LOVE this! I think Red or Yellow would go well with the wall and the post cards.

What a great use of wall space!

Megan O. said...

Love this! So cute and simple, yet it add a nice pop to the wall! I would agree with Okie in Jersey, I think red would be fun, but the bright red like what is in the postcards!

Jo Dhesi said...

this looks incredible- cant wait to see it in person :)

Dana said...

Definitely think the shelves could use a painting! If Mike and I ever visit, he is the perfect person to position your frames. We usually spend hours on our picture wall making sure everything is even and level!

Pistachio said...

Under $100 and it looks like a million!

sarahannnoel said...

Old post but I LOVE those postcards--and the idea to paint under a shelf! Did you do it?

the Reverie blog

Fragile Bird said...

That looks so cool, I might have a go at this in my house

Please come and check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)