Monday, April 16, 2012

insta-weekend: ann arbor and marshall michigan

many of my college friends live in a 1-hour radius of ann arbor, mi.
so, i went to visit!

truffle parmesan popcorn at bar louie (who know that THAT place would serve ANYthing with truffle oil!?)

(not sure how i feel about this, though abby at the baker and the brewer thinks there's potential with noodles)

nichols arboretum 

nichols arboretum 

ann arbor's tulips were so perfect they looked fake

everyone agreed to meet up in ann arbor at jolly pumpkin , a local brewery, for dinner and drinks.

not sure which pizza this was, but it had bacon and DRIED pineapple on it!  that dried pineapple took my thoughts on pineapple pizza to a WHOLE new level!

new art wall, coming soon to a blog post near you.

then i spent the rest of the weekend in quieter marshall, mi with a friend in her super cute hometown.

we spent the afternoon perusing the MANY antique shops and cute stores.

marguerite's neighbor downstairs had too-pretty-not-to-take-a-picture-of-them tulips too

the downtown flower shop had "free" wine-tasting, where we came home with 2 new bottles of warner wine, from a local winery.

....and some garlic-y cheesy dip mix to snack with the wine

...before we went to the bar.  dark horse.  a local brewery where you can buy a mug (from what looks like a local potter, each of them uniquely painted with a unique number) that stays at the bar and gets hung on the ceiling for your use for a cheaper beer.  just grab your mug when you get there and get $.75 off each beer!  genius.

...we ordered a delicious pizza with artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes, parmesan, chicken, and feta. so good.

sunday was a lazy day... leftover pizza for breakfast (classy) before heading over to marguerite's brother's house to take a tour of their new piece of mostly-wooded-and-beautiful land and cutie patootie niece


trying to catch a pic on the bumpy ride! ...if you can't tell... riding on the kubota makes little miss brynn sleepy!

...but don't worry! give her a mud puddle and she's awake and entertained for hours.

aunt skeeter might have been in trouble for getting her completely soaked in mud, but she was having SO much fun!!

thanks, friends, for a fun-filled weekend in "pure michigan" :D

...and i couldn't end the post without mentioning how awesome mr p is.  i left him alone at home for the weekend so i could go see my friends, and he cleaned up the ENTIRE apartment AND had food ready for the week before coming to pick me up at the airport.  couldn't ask for anything better!

cheers to a great 4-day workweek ahead!
my MOM'S coming on thursday!
i can't hardly wait...



A "cheery" disposition said...

wow your weekends look like fun! that popcorn sounds yummy too!

Amanda Carr said...

what a fun weekend! makes me want to hit the town ;)

jrhottle said...

I want that peanut butter!