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Thursday, December 4, 2014

porta jersey city

i've been waiting for this place to open for so long! those people know what they're doing when they start creating buzz about the place months ahead of time and block it off from the street, making it even MORE mysterious and enticing.  carefully following porta's instagram feed , i saw a little comment stating the opening for last night...  my instant reaction was "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!"  i had been waiting for it for so long, and they just "had" to open on a day that i had tickets for another event. (the tickets were only $5 a piece, do i really need to go to it? i'm going to miss the opening night of porta !!) 

 photo fe6d8668-33ff-4b2b-86e6-60bd320c8d26.jpg

luckily for us, we were able to get back to jersey city by about 9pm after the apartment therapy maker talk (more on that soon!), when the place had NO wait! (ok ok, we can handle a pizza and a beer, right? we technically didn't eat dinner yet) impulse splurge of the week is officially commencing. 

read more about our impulse night out below....

Friday, December 14, 2012

paninis and a party

the night started off with gin and tonics.
we moved on with panini-making on our panini-maker:
baguette with:
special buffalo sauce (see below)
thinly-sliced fresh mozarella
roasted chicken (we picked up a rotisserie chicken that night)
frank's red hot
red onions
crumbled gorgonzola
smash inside panini maker/george foreman/hot pan with brick on top until cheese is melty

i opted for a kale and red-leaf lettuce buffalo chicken salad instead, using the special sauce as dressing

mr p's special buffalo sauce
(to be used as a thick and creamy salad dressing, or as a spread for sammiches with a kick, or dunking celery sticks)
2 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 cup miracle whip
1 cup greek style plain yogurt
1 tbsp spicy brown mustard
3 tbsp Frank's Red Hot
2 tbsp ranch dressing (could achieve similar taste by omitting the ranch and adding ing some spices, but we had this on hand already)

whisk all ingredients together in a bowl and it's ready to go!

after we devoured our sammiches and salads with the new favorite sauce, we headed on over to our local barcade for some brews (think walls lined with 25-cent arcade games and an always-changing, extensive list of craft beers on tap)
we saw lots of friends
we celebrated a birthday
we drank lots of beers
we may or may not have taken a shot of tequila
we scarfed down two boots pizza


i went to work the next day.

was i feeling 100%? no.
was it worth staying out late with fun friends? absolutely!
it's so hard to say no to a night on the town at a place that's merely steps from my front door... gosh i love this town.

cheers to the weekend! what are your plans!?
we're going to santacon and a friend's holiday party :)

p.s. i'm obsessed with my new wedge sneakers , even though mr p says with hesitation "...i guess... they're sorta growing on me..."
p.p.s. santacon is this weekend!! you betcha we're doing it!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

one of those nights

tonight was one of those nights... 

stayed late at work...
got home just in time to be 15 minutes late for kickboxing (aka i missed it)...
still sick...

but, mr p knows how to make it all better.
when i walked in the door after meeting him the end of his kickboxing class, he already had defrosted pizza dough, had been letting it rise while he was in class, and we ate homemade pizza.  

and it only took like 20 minutes.  he's a flippin genius.  and knows how to brighten my day :)

last week before we left for florida we had friends over for pizza (first time using a REAL pizza stone!)

 and tonight we had leftover bacon, white sauce, dates, red sauce, sausage, mozzarella, and gorgonzola.  

which MEANS , tonight we had 2 pizzas:

1. bacon, dates, and gorgonzola, and arugula pizza with white sauce ("oh, it's just a bechamel" is the response i got when i asked mr p what his white sauce was)
2. sausage and mozzarella pizza with red sauce.

(complete with a beer for mr p and a rumchata on the rocks for me :P)


p.s. pizza last week was inspired by
last week was pizza week, and we got SO many good ideas.
(or, it just made our tummies hungry)

Monday, July 23, 2012

keeping it local

brick oven pizza with the neighbor
block party with other local friends
pig roast
buffalo calamari with more local friends
watermelon gin and tonic
peach gin and tonic
mango gin and tonic with even MORE local friends
(mega hangover)
ikea trip
new full-length mirror
new flatware
massive amount of veggie lasagna
sichuan dinner with, yes, even more local friends
ice cream with sprinkles

white wine mussels, powerhouse pizza 

margherita pizza, powerhouse pizza  (ha, they totally forgot the basil... good, but it was definitely just sauce and cheese)  

veggie omelet, courtesy of the roomie 

lucky 7 block party! 

lucky 7 block party!  (ha.. notice all the water under the grill... kiddos in the blow-up kiddie pool thought it was fun to lean on the side and let out all the water..)

lucky 7 block party! 

lucky 7 block party!  

lucky 7 block party!  (only $8 for all this food AND a grilled ear of corn!)

lucky 7 block party!  (oh, hey friends!)

drinks at sage in williamsburg, brooklyn (thanks for the pics, sarah! this was obviously not taken by my trusty point-and-shoot camera)

drinks at  sage  in williamsburg, brooklyn  (thanks for the pics, sarah! this was obviously not taken by my trusty point-and-shoot camera)

note to mr p on the breakfast i surprise-made for him friday morning :D

mega-veggie-laZAGna-making station sunday afternoon 

torico's ice cream after dinner with friends at grand sichuan  (can you guess who had all the sprinkles!?!?!?!?) 

new full-length mirror... definitely some rearranging to do... and we need to find a new place for the chevron fabric frames :/

successful weekend NOT going away? mission: accomplished

laundry will have to wait yet another day... i think i can deal, though. 
this beautiful place we live in has just too many fun things that are more important!!

cheers, readers :)

p.s.  the little man is getting SO big! can't wait to see him in october!!!

Monday, July 2, 2012

99 problems, but power ain't 1

100+ degree weather in manhattan

megabus is 2 hours late
(which means 2 hours of standing in line in 100+ degree weather with mr. cranky-beyond-cranky middle-aged man who took his cranky-beyond-crankiness out on the megabus attendant who obviously didn't want to be standing outside either with the rest of the hundreds of angry megabus riders)

stuck in traffic on megabus ride 
(putting us in DC at 2:30am instead of 11:00pm)

storms ravage through the nation, taking out power and destroying buildings in my hometown (and pretty much all of ohio)  and the DC area

being hot, sweaty messes from braving the heat to explore alexandria and annapolis

....but we had POWER. and we had CENTRAL AC!!
(unlike millions across the US this weekend!)

i might have felt like i needed a shower as soon as i stepped outside, but it was all with great company and great food! and great SHOPPING!

orchids at nicole's house · beautiful streets of alexandria · mr p's spread after looting the fridge 
pizza and beer at paradiso
brunch at the federal house in annapolis · views of the waterside
naval academy:  captains' mansions vs. student dorms. i'd take either!
naval academy chapel
brunch at o'connell's, alexandria
alexandria looks beautiful, but really we were dying of heat!!
olio aka air-conditioned, oil-and-vinegar-filled heaven.

mr p found a cheap (but totally awesome!!) sports jacket from the gap outlet store, i snagged an adorable watch from lou lou (and can even stand to wear it at work because it's flat and doesnt bother me when typing our mouse-maneuvering!!), and lastly... nicole's roommate introduced us to the glorious world of OLIO.

aged and infused balsamic vinegars and olive oils? sounds like heaven! wait.. we get to TRY them? ALL of them? now we're talkin.  try ALL of them, we did indeed!

so, paying $33 for 4 small bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar might sound ridic to some.. but considering we probably tried $30 worth of oils and vinegars in the store, it's a steal!!   can't wait for our little date night that will only consist of bread, oils, and vinegars... we will probably be so engrossed in the food we won't even break out the wine :P

after a smooth ride home, we're back to the grind today. with no work on wednesday for independence day, and trips to philly and virginia coming up, i'd say i'm pretty excited for the next few weeks! we won't have time to work out or do laundry, but we will deal.

thanks to our hosts, nicole and ainsley , for yet another fantastic weekend in your cutie patootie town of alexandria, va.

how was YOUR weekend? did you survive the heat!?


p.s. sometimes i feel like such a giiiiiirl... buying accessories and getting my nails did (color chosen and applied by the one and only, mr p.. watch from lou lou in alexandria)