Monday, July 2, 2012

99 problems, but power ain't 1

100+ degree weather in manhattan

megabus is 2 hours late
(which means 2 hours of standing in line in 100+ degree weather with mr. cranky-beyond-cranky middle-aged man who took his cranky-beyond-crankiness out on the megabus attendant who obviously didn't want to be standing outside either with the rest of the hundreds of angry megabus riders)

stuck in traffic on megabus ride 
(putting us in DC at 2:30am instead of 11:00pm)

storms ravage through the nation, taking out power and destroying buildings in my hometown (and pretty much all of ohio)  and the DC area

being hot, sweaty messes from braving the heat to explore alexandria and annapolis

....but we had POWER. and we had CENTRAL AC!!
(unlike millions across the US this weekend!)

i might have felt like i needed a shower as soon as i stepped outside, but it was all with great company and great food! and great SHOPPING!

orchids at nicole's house · beautiful streets of alexandria · mr p's spread after looting the fridge 
pizza and beer at paradiso
brunch at the federal house in annapolis · views of the waterside
naval academy:  captains' mansions vs. student dorms. i'd take either!
naval academy chapel
brunch at o'connell's, alexandria
alexandria looks beautiful, but really we were dying of heat!!
olio aka air-conditioned, oil-and-vinegar-filled heaven.

mr p found a cheap (but totally awesome!!) sports jacket from the gap outlet store, i snagged an adorable watch from lou lou (and can even stand to wear it at work because it's flat and doesnt bother me when typing our mouse-maneuvering!!), and lastly... nicole's roommate introduced us to the glorious world of OLIO.

aged and infused balsamic vinegars and olive oils? sounds like heaven! wait.. we get to TRY them? ALL of them? now we're talkin.  try ALL of them, we did indeed!

so, paying $33 for 4 small bottles of olive oil and balsamic vinegar might sound ridic to some.. but considering we probably tried $30 worth of oils and vinegars in the store, it's a steal!!   can't wait for our little date night that will only consist of bread, oils, and vinegars... we will probably be so engrossed in the food we won't even break out the wine :P

after a smooth ride home, we're back to the grind today. with no work on wednesday for independence day, and trips to philly and virginia coming up, i'd say i'm pretty excited for the next few weeks! we won't have time to work out or do laundry, but we will deal.

thanks to our hosts, nicole and ainsley , for yet another fantastic weekend in your cutie patootie town of alexandria, va.

how was YOUR weekend? did you survive the heat!?


p.s. sometimes i feel like such a giiiiiirl... buying accessories and getting my nails did (color chosen and applied by the one and only, mr p.. watch from lou lou in alexandria)


Unknown said...

I LOVE these pictures! I'm an Ohio girl who lived in NYC for three years and recently moved to Cali so these pics are making me crave the east coast summer! So fun, thanks for sharing!

Unknown said...

I really like these pictures! It has been hot here wheere I live in colorado simply because of all of the fires we have been having. But heat really is no fun!
have a great day!

dreaming en francais said...

I love all these photos! The orchids, the pretty streets, all that yummy food.. looks like an amazing weekend despite the heat! xo