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Monday, December 22, 2014


....and so the holidays have begun.  our new-to-us car has already seen some miles, and there are more to be clocked, but as long as there are smiles and laughter and good food and good company, we can claim a successful holiday season. 

in light of my absence on this space, and likely more to come, here's a recap of the holidays for us so far.  between thanksgiving, friendsgiving, a wedding, a friends chrismakuh, holiday parties, and birthdays, we've been busy.  but we can only be thankful to have each of you in our lives!!  so, thanks, friends and family, for being so awesome :)

 photo DSC01143.jpg
 photo DSC01126.jpg  photo DSC01148.jpg
^^^this one is smiling on the outside (but thoroughly upset that that girl beside him was the ping pong champion of the night)

 photo DSC01159.jpg
^^^missing those two for christmas... but thankful that weird one in the back is driving to see us (and to deliver our newly-reupholstered danish modern chair!!)

read on for more.....

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

farmicia philadelphia

 photo hung_and_jenn_20140831.jpg

after getting to philadelphia around, midnight, sleeping around 2am, waking up at 7am to move my car (stupid weekend parking rules!), and walking all the way from south philly back to old city, to say we were ready for brunch is an understatement!

luckily for us, old city in philadelphia has some great options.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

labor day weekend in philly

photo blue door philly.jpg
i'm just obsessed with the look of this adorable house in south philly.  the blue door, the terra-cotta-colored pots, the greens... it's all my favorite color combination for curb appeal.  paint that brick white and i'd never leave....

after a busy long weekend in philly , hung and i are ready to relax (i suppose watching the documentary tiny , taking a 2-hour nap, and watching 6 episodes of parenthood  on netflix  yesterday was relaxing, but i could always use more!)

friday started with dinner with friends at the wonderful olive lucy's in morristown before driving to philly that same night, ending the night with late night pizza and looking at our wedding photos for the first time (eek!).  saturday started with a long walk from south philly to old city and brunch at farmicia (hellllloooo $5 cocktails!), walks through spruce street harbor park and south street (where we found a new-to-us dresser for just $44 at a vintage store !), and dinner at cuba libre (maybe the best meal in philly yet).  the night ended in the best way, drinking box wine with friends at a friends house (who needs to pay for $5 beers when you can drink 3 liters of bota box wine for $18?)

how did you spend your labor day weekend?


Monday, November 19, 2012


thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for all of the wonderful things in your life.
yet, most of us simply spend a day eating, drinking, watching THE parade, and possibly watching or playing some football.... all with family.

for us, and many 20-somethings-without-children (and i suppose some WITH the kiddos), thanksgiving is ALWAYS a time for travel, especially us lucky ducks who decided to move hundreds of miles away, meaning holidays include a brutal amount of hours in the car (thanks, ke$ha and t-swizzle for making those trips a tiny bit more tolerable)

all that is great, but... what about your friends?
normally, we all just leave each other in the dust as we travel "back home" to our families.

this year, however, was different!  we were able to celebrate a "friendsgiving"  last weekend with some great people in philly that we have had the opportunity to become friends with.  mr p and i have recently made friends through many different avenues, so they aren't all in the same group.  but it was still nice to get together and eat great food (and drink great drinks.. hellllllo Wells Banana Bread Beer )

our wonderful hosts, matt and jenna, made the turkey, and the rest of us brought the rest! by the time the list came to us, most of the standards were taken.  sweet potatoes, stuffing, green bean cassarole, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie, collard greens... all taken.  mr p and i decided to go for some not-so-traditional treats and hoped they would be a hit.  after much hesitation, mr p's chicken liver pate was a HUGE hit!  so was the mushroom pate, maybe even more than the chicken liver pate.
(ewwww... chicken livers?? you guys are gross..)

don't knock it until you try it (i couldn't even get a picture of it before someone snagged a scoop!!). we mr p followed this recipe to a T (with the exception of salt and pepper to taste), and the mushroom (aka vegan) pate recipe will be coming shortly, stay tuned :)
in the meantime, check out the rest of the pictures from our first ever friendsgiving :)

perfect labels for those not-so-obvious appetizers.  cheap frames with white paper.  write on the glass with dry-erase markers!!  use them over and over again.

the spread.  it's a good thing i'm getting to at least 2 kickboxing classes this week, because i tried this ALL ....   AND the collard greens.   AND the stuffing.   AND the pies.  

we will be spending next year's thanksgiving with these two lovebirds on the beautiful island of barbados for their WEDDING!!

meet edie james.  slightly spastic, slightly cuddly, 100% awesome.

our other lovebirds. aren't they cute?

what did i learn from this weekend?

1. 2 thanksgiving weekends are better than 1

2. i NEEED a kitty
(wait, i already knew that, playing with edie james just cemented that thought into my brain)
 3. chicken liver pate isn't scary... it's DELICIOUS!!

4. wells banana bread beer is heaven.  definitely tastes like banana bread, but isn't sweet.  perfect beer combo :)

we have thanksgiving numero dos this weekend in ohio... can't wait to see our families!
what are your plans!?


Friday, October 12, 2012

the little things: just a fountain

it's iconic.
it's a tourist attraction.
it's just something to pass while cutting through the park on the way to work.

for us, swann memorial fountain was just a passing site on the walk "home" after brunch while visiting friends in philly...

sometimes you take things for granted walking around these great cities... they have beautiful landmarks, art, and architecture.. all piecing together a story, marking their place in history.

and sometimes, things like this need a little bit of extra love and attention...
we love you, philly. 
we'll be back again soon :)


p.s. remember the turtle!??

...and sometimes we abuse these beautiful things.  whoops. sorry turtle...

Monday, July 9, 2012

best of both worlds

mr p and i have been on the go... NON... STOP.

for two people who truly enjoy sitting at home watching movies, playing video games, playing on the computer, and all other non-active activities, being busy all the time is getting tiring!!

i guess that's what happens when we have so many friends and family away from us...

last weekend was supposed to be our "free" weekend between going to DC and virginia, but when mr p's best friend says "come visit me, mike and dana are having a pool party" we couldn't pass it up!

luckily we are practically telepathic and decided that a date night in on friday and kick(butt)boxing must happen before going.

we headed out saturday afternoon for philly, and by the time we got in the pool, lemme tell you... we... were... READY! it was 105 degrees outside.  on days like that you feel like a bum if you are cooped up inside, but just sit in misery outside... unless you have a POOL!!

(pit stop at the local beer-wine-liquor megastore)

a pool with beer pong rafts, too? even better!

thanks, mike and dana for hosting :D

mr p has TOLD me he plays this game, but i didn't realize how INTENSE it was until then...

after a long night in the pool... we caught some Z's, woke up to play some fruit ninja on the xbox kinect (so awesome!), grabbed dim sum in philly's chinatown, discovered the awesomeness of five below , planned our future home in west elm , had our first shake shack experience IN PHILLY (wtf were we thinking?? why haven't we been to the one in NYC yet!?!?)  and explored the beautiful city (since it was only in the 90's and not over 100)

so... it was the best of both worlds:
date night in.
HARDCORE workout saturday morning.
visit to the beer store
saw AWESOME friends
who hosted an AWESOME pool party
ate dim sum
and many many more.

truly the best of both worlds :D

next up: virginia!!
hopefully the weekend will be even more relaxing with plans for a day at the beach in the works :D 

now... if i could only get through this monday! the thought of having tapas for ladies night tonight is making me lose my focus...