Monday, December 22, 2014


....and so the holidays have begun.  our new-to-us car has already seen some miles, and there are more to be clocked, but as long as there are smiles and laughter and good food and good company, we can claim a successful holiday season. 

in light of my absence on this space, and likely more to come, here's a recap of the holidays for us so far.  between thanksgiving, friendsgiving, a wedding, a friends chrismakuh, holiday parties, and birthdays, we've been busy.  but we can only be thankful to have each of you in our lives!!  so, thanks, friends and family, for being so awesome :)

 photo DSC01143.jpg
 photo DSC01126.jpg  photo DSC01148.jpg
^^^this one is smiling on the outside (but thoroughly upset that that girl beside him was the ping pong champion of the night)

 photo DSC01159.jpg
^^^missing those two for christmas... but thankful that weird one in the back is driving to see us (and to deliver our newly-reupholstered danish modern chair!!)

read on for more.....

 photo DSC01179.jpg
 photo DSC01230.jpg  photo DSC01243.jpg
^^^i'm positive that look on his face has something to do with her bedazzled tit-tee :P

 photo DSC01248.jpg  photo DSC01383.jpg
 photo DSC01388.jpg
oh hey! look who we found at the project:market a few weeks ago! chicpeaJC of course ;)

 photo DSC01403.jpg
 photo DSC01432.jpg  photo DSC01509.jpg
these two cuties... congrats you two!

 photo DSC01567.jpg
my husband knows how to catch those kodak moments of the shellhammer and her hubs...

 photo DSC01593.jpg
that deliciousness is only $2.50.  who says manhattan is expensive?

 photo DSC01631.jpg
wanna know what a pixie cut looks like in the wind?

 photo DSC01653.jpg  photo 207efd92-0014-4c23-996d-2b1438bb77a2.jpg
 photo DSC01669.jpg
 photo DSC01702.jpg
why is ice skating as an adult SO hard? we're much better at boozing.

 photo DSC01730.jpg
^^^^that is exactly the reaction I was hoping to get when someone opened my knitted bearded santa hat for the white elephant gift exchange ;)

 photo DSC01801.jpg
^^^happy happy happy birthday to that one! we should all be jealous of his long vacation in taiwan right now.  i'm pretty sure his latest photo showed him lounging and getting a foot massage...

 photo DSC01834.jpg  photo DSC01983.jpg
did you SEE those flowers?? i always said i didn't want to be "that" person for taking home the centerpieces, but gosh i'm obsessed with them. if they all looked like that i would be fighting for them every time!  also, that green clutch is from e.tittlemouse & co. in jersey city and i've pretty much taken it to every event since i got the thing. who knew bright green would go with so many things!?!?

 photo DSC01984.jpg
^^^note to late-night subway riders: read the signs before you wait a half hour for the F train that is not coming.  if only i would have taken my nose outta my phone and looked up (literally right in front of me) i would have seen the sign that says "no F train at this station 11pm to 5am".  oops, rookie mistake.



Lynn said...

Great post! haha yay!

Charlotte Steggz said...

Lovely photos of lovely, smiley people. The best kind of holiday!