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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

sam a. m.... again

 photo sam_a_m_zps3fe459c1.gif

ok ok, so if you didn't get enough cheeseballness from yesterday, here's some more.

but really though.  the brisket at sam a. m. is pretty mouth-watering. pickled onions are pretty much my favorite food group these days, put those suckers on anything and it's an appetizing meal.  pair the tangy onions with tangy-sweet bbq sauce and it's a match made in heaven.  and seriously, why would someone serve a messy sammich on ciabatta bread that thin?  these guys, i swear...  they apparently know  i think sammiches almost always have too much bread and not enough "stuff".  i used to think jimmy johns got it right by scooping out the middle, but why waste? start with less in the first place!

go there for yourself.  if you can't find it by going to paulus hook and sniffing for coffee and bacon, i'll help you out: it's on morris and warren.  go try it. and sit at the bar so you can watch them make it.

(but I have a vegetarian boyfriend/wife/child/mother/friend)

so what, order the fruits of the earth sammich.  it lands itself a close second. AND it's vegetarian.  boom. done.


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

sunny skies and sammiches

rainy days like this on the east coast only make me think of better places to be... like california, where it's sunny ALL THE TIME... where you can spend days like this at huntington beach.  we took a quick trip down that way before a wedding we went to a few weekends ago .
a band was playing, we walked the pier, got a delicious waffle sammich from bruxie , a cookies-n-mint-chocolate-chip ice cream sammich from the scoop on cookies , and perused the cutie lil shops in the area. 
success... california, you stole my heart in 1 afternoon.
 photo DSC04211_zps4d3bdf79.jpg
 photo DSC04215_zps1a8332b6.jpg
 photo DSC04220_zps5f99f1c8.jpg
 photo DSC04225_zpsf2aeee4c.jpg
 photo 3b080d79-421a-4a28-b55d-c037d13ee3c8_zpse48e97d4.jpg  photo 62347383-b08f-4308-9ee7-6b90681cf053_zps6587bf8b.jpg
 photo DSC04247_zps156764dc.jpg
 photo 9e987341-001c-4f69-8c4b-af9969b110fd_zpsec4c7ccc.jpg  photo 10de098a-2b2f-4187-94a2-f617b70e8b71_zps52f1747f.jpg
 photo DSC04251_zpscf2cf5d6.jpg
wish i could have brought that sunny-n-seventy weather back to the east coast so i can get some sun on those ghostly white legs of mine!  we're lucky if we get that in the summer, let alone all year long!

Friday, December 14, 2012

paninis and a party

the night started off with gin and tonics.
we moved on with panini-making on our panini-maker:
baguette with:
special buffalo sauce (see below)
thinly-sliced fresh mozarella
roasted chicken (we picked up a rotisserie chicken that night)
frank's red hot
red onions
crumbled gorgonzola
smash inside panini maker/george foreman/hot pan with brick on top until cheese is melty

i opted for a kale and red-leaf lettuce buffalo chicken salad instead, using the special sauce as dressing

mr p's special buffalo sauce
(to be used as a thick and creamy salad dressing, or as a spread for sammiches with a kick, or dunking celery sticks)
2 tbsp lemon juice
1/2 cup miracle whip
1 cup greek style plain yogurt
1 tbsp spicy brown mustard
3 tbsp Frank's Red Hot
2 tbsp ranch dressing (could achieve similar taste by omitting the ranch and adding ing some spices, but we had this on hand already)

whisk all ingredients together in a bowl and it's ready to go!

after we devoured our sammiches and salads with the new favorite sauce, we headed on over to our local barcade for some brews (think walls lined with 25-cent arcade games and an always-changing, extensive list of craft beers on tap)
we saw lots of friends
we celebrated a birthday
we drank lots of beers
we may or may not have taken a shot of tequila
we scarfed down two boots pizza


i went to work the next day.

was i feeling 100%? no.
was it worth staying out late with fun friends? absolutely!
it's so hard to say no to a night on the town at a place that's merely steps from my front door... gosh i love this town.

cheers to the weekend! what are your plans!?
we're going to santacon and a friend's holiday party :)

p.s. i'm obsessed with my new wedge sneakers , even though mr p says with hesitation "...i guess... they're sorta growing on me..."
p.p.s. santacon is this weekend!! you betcha we're doing it!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

tool time

(no, not THAT tool time...)
i'm going to start a little mini-series on kitchen tools.  some of these you might use everyday and think "yep, that's totally something that everyone should have" , and some you might think "hmm, i always thought that was unnecessary because _____"
either way, i want it to be enlightening :)
the first tool i'm going to highlight is an egg slicer .
here's why:
1. how many times have you gone to slice an egg and the yolk falls out halfway through, leaving you slicing egg-white rings while you've got a big chunk of yolk on the cutting board? unless that's what you were going for, an egg slicer can solve that problem for you! and you've only got a tiny little thing to clean up afterwards, rather than a knife and a cutting board (and pick up the pieces of yolk that may have fallen on the floor... because that's totally what happens when i try to slice an egg with a knife)
2. it does in one clean slice, taking much less time. this week was the first week i had sort of a salad-making station in the fridge for my lunches. all the ingredients were already chopped and in individual containers, all i needed to do was toss some of each into a container and go (no more chopping in the morning, making myself late to work because it took longer than i thought) if my eggs are already hard-boiled, i just had to grab one and slice it with the egg-slicer (seriously 2 seconds) and toss it in. such a quick (and SUPER cheap!) way to add some protein to my salad!
are you convinced yet? here's the one that i bought for mr p for our anniversary:
this is a pretty fancy one, at $16.95, with 2 different slicers on it, for ovals or wedges.  i've never tried others, but this one is pretty awesome. very easy to clean, and feels nice because it's heavy.  you could test out cheaper ones here, here, or here.
besides just putting egg slices on salads, sometimes it's nice to make an egg sammich with hard-boiled eggs instead of fried eggs (and healthier too!)'s our favorite egg sammich:
Egg & Asparagus Sammich with Lemon-Dill Mayo
(inspiration from )
-slice a soft baguette in half for 2 sides of the sammich
(or lay out 2 slices of regular 'ole sliced sammich bread)
-spread lemon-dill mayo on each side
(as simple as stirring together mayo, lemon zest & lemon juice, and chopped dill)
- thinly slice red onions and put on sammich
- slice grilled asparagus long-ways and put on sammich
-slice hard-boiled eggs wiith egg slicer and put on sammich
-bon appetit!
now, go get an egg slicer, and start eating those eggs! and tell me if you like the sammich!
unless you're vegan, then you're just missing out :P j/k i heart vegans (and vegan food) too.

Monday, December 3, 2012

getting into the holiday spirit

THE COUNTDOWN has begun.

our little tree is JUST enough.

DIYing and being crafty.. still not finished though :(

our sammiches are even festive.. mutz, tomatoes, and pesto make for a colorful (and delicious!) panini

i love the holidays.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

weeknight surprise

mr p knows me too well.  after going to target and home depot to get supplies for our halloween costumes, i came home to this:

that's right.  a buffalo chicken sammich!  we were both rushing to get some last minute things together for this weekend, but he came home first to grab a bite to eat and he made this for me before heading out :)

it's just a simple sammich, but it's very good.

whole wheat bread
rotisserie chicken
sharp cheddar
red leaf lettuce

put it together and smash in a panini press! 
or, just put together and toast on a hot pan with a weight on top of the sammich 
(a brick covered in foil works just as well!!)

cheers to the weekend!  i'll leave you with a song i heard on my way home from work today that i NEVER thought i would hear on the radio again... 

it's festive. for the weekend. and it's stuck in my head now, so i'm passing on the fun music to reminisce the good 'old days when we used to listen to this in 2003 (yes! 2003! wikipedia says so.  time is moving too fast)

have a GREAT weekend!! 
...don't get too crazy for halloween ;)
(and stay tuned to see OUR costumes!! i'm super excited for them)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

sammiches and sailboats

i know what you're probably thinking... "he got her a fancy new camera for their anniversary, but she didn't get him ANYthing??"

well, you are wrong, my friends!  i got him a panini press!  not just any panini press, though.  THE panini press.  the best one you can find at williams sonoma.  when i asked about it in the store the ladies go "OH! we have them over HERE!" (not in the direction i saw THE one i wanted) "oh, sorry, i don't want that one that's on sale, i need the BETTER one"

i always tell mr p that some things we just don't need the best of the best right now, especially if we don't know how much we will use it or if we know exactly what we want.  some things have little quirks about them that just get annoying (even super expensive things!) .  a panini press is different though.  we have a panini press WEIGHT from my mom that you would use with a skillet or a grill pan, but this summer has just been BRUTAL and turning on the stove is just a disaster in this tiny apartment, and the grill pan just radiates heat for EVER after you are finished with it.  so...i splurged, and i got him the breville smart grill and griddle !

....and we've made 43728943729 sammiches already!

(first is just a rotisserie chicken sammich, second is a grilled chicken sammich with cream cheese, buffalo sauce, and alfalfa sprouts!!)

our original anniversary celebration plans were to use up a gilt city coupon for a sail in new york harbor with manhattan by sail on the shearwater , but the weather was not in our favor that friday night, so we rescheduled for last night!

see more after the jump!

Monday, July 9, 2012

best of both worlds

mr p and i have been on the go... NON... STOP.

for two people who truly enjoy sitting at home watching movies, playing video games, playing on the computer, and all other non-active activities, being busy all the time is getting tiring!!

i guess that's what happens when we have so many friends and family away from us...

last weekend was supposed to be our "free" weekend between going to DC and virginia, but when mr p's best friend says "come visit me, mike and dana are having a pool party" we couldn't pass it up!

luckily we are practically telepathic and decided that a date night in on friday and kick(butt)boxing must happen before going.

we headed out saturday afternoon for philly, and by the time we got in the pool, lemme tell you... we... were... READY! it was 105 degrees outside.  on days like that you feel like a bum if you are cooped up inside, but just sit in misery outside... unless you have a POOL!!

(pit stop at the local beer-wine-liquor megastore)

a pool with beer pong rafts, too? even better!

thanks, mike and dana for hosting :D

mr p has TOLD me he plays this game, but i didn't realize how INTENSE it was until then...

after a long night in the pool... we caught some Z's, woke up to play some fruit ninja on the xbox kinect (so awesome!), grabbed dim sum in philly's chinatown, discovered the awesomeness of five below , planned our future home in west elm , had our first shake shack experience IN PHILLY (wtf were we thinking?? why haven't we been to the one in NYC yet!?!?)  and explored the beautiful city (since it was only in the 90's and not over 100)

so... it was the best of both worlds:
date night in.
HARDCORE workout saturday morning.
visit to the beer store
saw AWESOME friends
who hosted an AWESOME pool party
ate dim sum
and many many more.

truly the best of both worlds :D

next up: virginia!!
hopefully the weekend will be even more relaxing with plans for a day at the beach in the works :D 

now... if i could only get through this monday! the thought of having tapas for ladies night tonight is making me lose my focus...