Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Let the Festiveness Begin

I vaguely remember a conversation with Mr P last year that went something along the lines of

"You should just get rid of all that stuff."("that stuff" meaning the Christmas tree and all the decorations)

"Are you kidding me?  I've had some of these ornaments since I was little !!"

"But, it takes up so much room, and we don't really have that much room to spare."

"And your oodles of video game stuff doesn't take up any room?"

"Ok, let's make a deal.  Anything that fits in the box can stay."

Kudos to me for fitting { everything}  in 1 box (plus the Christmas tree box, that one doesn't count, it's only 6"x6" and who cares how tall it is).

Mr P did not want to help with putting together my "sparkly-tree-that-leaves-our-apartment-a-glitter-fest-for-months."  However, he DID do the manly thing of getting it out of the closet, finding a plug for the lights, and put together the base.   I really enjoy putting on all the decorations, so I guess it was a good compromise :D

Luckily for me, I found a wreath I worked SO HARD to make last year... I totally thought I just threw it out.  Made from just a wire hanger and yarn puffs, it was the cheapest, easiest wreath to make!  It just took SO long, SO many yarn balls... I suppose it was worth it... It IS pretty darn cute :D  And, I actually really like the fact that it's a little whimsical, with randomly sized puffs, in random order, in randomly oriented so that it's not a perfect circle....

6 days down, 19 to go til Christmas!


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