Tuesday, June 11, 2013

sunny skies and sammiches

rainy days like this on the east coast only make me think of better places to be... like california, where it's sunny ALL THE TIME... where you can spend days like this at huntington beach.  we took a quick trip down that way before a wedding we went to a few weekends ago .
a band was playing, we walked the pier, got a delicious waffle sammich from bruxie , a cookies-n-mint-chocolate-chip ice cream sammich from the scoop on cookies , and perused the cutie lil shops in the area. 
success... california, you stole my heart in 1 afternoon.
 photo DSC04211_zps4d3bdf79.jpg
 photo DSC04215_zps1a8332b6.jpg
 photo DSC04220_zps5f99f1c8.jpg
 photo DSC04225_zpsf2aeee4c.jpg
 photo 3b080d79-421a-4a28-b55d-c037d13ee3c8_zpse48e97d4.jpg  photo 62347383-b08f-4308-9ee7-6b90681cf053_zps6587bf8b.jpg
 photo DSC04247_zps156764dc.jpg
 photo 9e987341-001c-4f69-8c4b-af9969b110fd_zpsec4c7ccc.jpg  photo 10de098a-2b2f-4187-94a2-f617b70e8b71_zps52f1747f.jpg
 photo DSC04251_zpscf2cf5d6.jpg
wish i could have brought that sunny-n-seventy weather back to the east coast so i can get some sun on those ghostly white legs of mine!  we're lucky if we get that in the summer, let alone all year long!


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Shauna said...

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Rakel said...

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