Wednesday, May 8, 2013

here comes the...

here comes the...
most beautiful wedding i think I've ever been to!
the perfect California weather MIGHT have had a little bit to do with it (and you know, that beautiful bride too :P).  it was just warm enough while the sun was out, sunny blue skies, just cool enough for the OUTSIDE RECEPTION for dancing-without-sweating in the evening....
big high fives to the newlyweds! we love you guys!
you might have seen the bride here , or here .  she's a good friend i met during a trip to asia almost 5 years ago (so are the other two girls in most of the photos!) we hardly get to see each other, as we're split up between the east coast, west coast, and in between, but after spending 2 months with each other way back then, we know we are the best travel buds, and when we see each other it's like no time has passed.  we are so glad we got to celebration vi's big day with the 4 of us all together!  none of them had met mr p during any of our visits, so it was nice to see that he fits right in with our little group :)

 photo 01953484-893a-4543-a0d7-14f161a374ac_zps05baec4d.jpg
 photo DSC04310_zps39d41971.jpg
 photo DSC04316_zpsb0977c3f.jpg
 photo f94597a3-c528-459f-a62d-108109ad2498_zpsa44fa39d.jpg  photo d20d6e5a-736b-4c68-975b-925d450a6e62_zpsecf47c1b.jpg
 photo DSC04339_zpsb01cbce8.jpg
 photo DSC04341_zps517302c6.jpg
 photo e986d66e-d2f1-4697-9505-7e427729590b_zps1f272d5f.jpg
 photo DSC04353_zps35382469.jpg
 photo e6225fc2-349a-4f78-818b-48cbca2d03e5_zps3b2809ae.jpg  photo eb9ba405-ba5a-418c-9a75-bc2274abd211_zpsbd7b2fe3.jpg
 photo DSC04409_zpsd5a5540f.jpg
 photo DSC04420_zpse0c5ccad.jpg
 photo DSC04426_zpsfe40a125.jpg
congrats huy and vi :)
p.s. if you're in the LA area and need a photographer, the groom is your guy!  check out his work here .
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Brewed Together said...

Looks like it was an amazing wedding! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

Court @ love court xoxo said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding! I really am digging all the orange flowers! :)