Saturday, June 23, 2012

seeing my franns.

Washington DC
Denver, CO
Toledo, OH
San Diego, CA
Los Angeles, CA
Columbus, OH
Portland, OR

...and i live in New Jersey.

how on EARTH will i ever get to see my friends in all these places!?!?!

it's happening.

and it's happening soon.

thanks to a friendly reminder a few days ago from Megan  (go visit her blog!) , i've got just a bit over a month until i fly to Denver to see Miss DC, Miss Denver, Miss Toledo, and Mrs. Columbus :D

pulling out the old school pics!! because we're old school frannns...
see that blonde the second from the left?  we wish she was joining too :(

thanks to a friendly reminder on my credit card bill , i'm also fully booked for my trip to mexico to see Miss San Diego, Miss Portland, and soon-to-be-a-Mrs. Los Angeles :D

where our friendship all started... thailand!!

most of the time i'm wishing all these girls lived in NYC by MEEE ... but, i guess it's ok that i get to go to cool places to see them too. 

what i've learned from all this?
1. first trip : having friends in fun places is nice
(read: kill 2 birds with 1 stone.. cheap vacation, see friends, everyone's happy!)

i was there earlier this year for work, but it was work, and there was no fun-with-just-the-girls stuff happening (i was there with 2 middle-aged man co-workers)

hopefully we'll have some fun like the good old times:

2. second trip: when everyone lives far away, sometimes the best bet is to just go to mexico!!
thanks to  (and the awesome planning from Miss Portland) , i'm going to mexico for 5 days, and the flight, hotel, food, drinks, EVERYTHING was well under $1000.  celebrating a milestone birthday and miss LA becoming MRS. LA... it's gonna be so fun.

i've never been vacationing ANYWHERE in the Caribbean, so i'm pretty excited to see what it's all about :D

i KNOW this trip is going to bring back awesome memories of our trip to SE Asia:

ok... enough about the trips at the end of summer... i must enjoy the summer NOW in this beautiful city i live in!! to kickboxing followed by a quick peruse through the Not Yo Mama's Craft Fair happening SUPER close to our house in the Powerhouse Arts District!!

i love living in a place where all the FUN stuff is either a quick walk or train ride away :D



Krista Lynn said...

Super cute post, came here from Living in Yellow! And Mexico!? I've never been, but I bet you'll have a ton of fun!! Be sure to try out zip lining!


{With Love, from Columbus} said...

I was in Colorado when I was little but we went horseback riding, hiking and white water rafting...all AMAZING experiences. You guys will have a great time. Can't wait to hear/read all about it :)

Erin Motz said...

I LOVE this picture of you guys in the rain puddles! It looks so free and joyful!