Saturday, August 25, 2012

sammiches and sailboats

i know what you're probably thinking... "he got her a fancy new camera for their anniversary, but she didn't get him ANYthing??"

well, you are wrong, my friends!  i got him a panini press!  not just any panini press, though.  THE panini press.  the best one you can find at williams sonoma.  when i asked about it in the store the ladies go "OH! we have them over HERE!" (not in the direction i saw THE one i wanted) "oh, sorry, i don't want that one that's on sale, i need the BETTER one"

i always tell mr p that some things we just don't need the best of the best right now, especially if we don't know how much we will use it or if we know exactly what we want.  some things have little quirks about them that just get annoying (even super expensive things!) .  a panini press is different though.  we have a panini press WEIGHT from my mom that you would use with a skillet or a grill pan, but this summer has just been BRUTAL and turning on the stove is just a disaster in this tiny apartment, and the grill pan just radiates heat for EVER after you are finished with it.  so...i splurged, and i got him the breville smart grill and griddle !

....and we've made 43728943729 sammiches already!

(first is just a rotisserie chicken sammich, second is a grilled chicken sammich with cream cheese, buffalo sauce, and alfalfa sprouts!!)

our original anniversary celebration plans were to use up a gilt city coupon for a sail in new york harbor with manhattan by sail on the shearwater , but the weather was not in our favor that friday night, so we rescheduled for last night!

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and it was just a perfect night for a sail :)

 shearwater comes back from the sunset sail.

"boarding passes"

our neighborhood of jersey city :)

financial district with freedom tower

we weren't the only sailboat out last night! (jersey city to the left, manhattan to the right)

view of manhattan from inside the boat

mr p gazing at lady liberty

SO close to jersey city on the way back, but, sadly, they wouldn't drop us off...

it was the perfect start to a fun weekend!


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Laura Darling said...

Oooh those sandwiches look delicious! My mom has one of those weights too that you use on the stove, but this looks even better!