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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

eighty mag launch

 photo eightymag_launch2.jpg
eighty mag cover featuring billykirk , a jersey city based, made-in-the-usa leather and canvas design company, and the launch party cake, made by cholita dessert bar , a jersey city dessert bar on wheels.

if you haven't noticed already, there are some pretty awesome things happening in jersey city.  i mean, if you just look down newark avenue you'll see boarded up storefronts galore.  no, not boarded up and abandoned, but rather "secret" construction projects waiting to be revealed, putting the entire neighborhood in a state of anxious anticipation.  just since hung and i moved to downtown jersey city 3 years ago, the neighborhood has changed so much (for the better!)  i mean, buzzfeed has been going crazy over jersey city lately, as well as the new york times , yahoo travel (oh hey chadner !), huffington post , business insider , and more.

but last weekend marked another milestone for the transformation of jersey city.  a new jersey city magazine called EIGHTY made its debut at its launch party at the warehouse café .  according to the eightymag website EIGHTY is:
"....a visual representation of a city that is bustling with creativity. With original interviews, profiles, and rich full-page photographs, EIGHTY is about the future of Jersey City and the stories of its people and innovators who act on their dreams.
Led by Marinell C. Montales and Chadner Navarro, Jersey City residents of over 10 years, EIGHTY magazine will feature the works of some of the most talented writers, photographers, and illustrators native to Jersey City, as well as contributors whose works have appeared on the covers and pages of Time Out New York, New York Times, Vanity Fair, The Village Voice, and Travel and Leisure."
if you just went "wow!" that was exactly my reaction when i finally got to hold the magazine in my hands and flip through it for the first time at the launch party.  the paper, the photos, the design, the writing, the businesses and the creatives that are featured... it all puts you in a state of awe.  the kicker? the magazine is free .  you can find it at several locations in jersey city , as well as a few places in nyc and other parts of new jersey.

get your copy soon, because they aren't going to last long! 

follow @eightymag on instagram and twitter
(and go follow @beyondthestoop on instagram , twitter , and facebook while you're at it too :P)

 photo eightymag_launch1.jpg  photo eightymag_launch3.jpg
photos via @beyondthestoop on instagram

sending a huge congratulations to chadner and marinell on the success of your premier issue!  we're all looking forward to the future of eighty mag , and the light it brings to our amazing city.


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Small Cool 2014

hey guys! did you have a great memorial day weekend?  ours ended with a fun neighborly bbq last night downstairs.  anytime i can eat bbq, drink wine, AND cuddle with a baby i'm pretty much in heaven.

what else is new?  go over to apartment therapy today to vote ( click here to vote! ) on our home for the small cool contest!  we're featured in the "little" category.  although our home is big(ger) than the last, it still qualifies, because it's only 675 square feet!  help us out, friends! ...or, just go over there to see a mini-tour ....

 photo smallcool.jpg
happy monday (well, tuesday, but it feels like monday)!


Monday, March 10, 2014

wake up!

did you wake up on time this morning? i surely did because i use the alarm on my trusty auto-daylight-savings-changing cell phone to buzz my ear off under my pillow.  i have to admit though, i'm slightly convinced that the quietness in the office this morning is due to the, shall i say, "older" coworkers who still use their non-auto-daylight-savings-changing alarm clocks and forgot to change the clocks... maybe i should give them the benefit of the doubt and say they got "stuck in traffic" or they "woke up but couldn't drag themselves out of bed quite yet" or, really, they're just on vacation.

either way, especially with the time change, we could all use an extra push to wake up in the morning.  what better way than a quality cup of coffee? (i say this as i drink what has GOT to be the worst-tasting coffee on the planet... everyone in the office agrees, i just need to bite the bullet and get a coffee maker for my cube).  i'm not talking about your local starbucks, or your local shop at all, really. and don't EVEN tell me you can't live without your k-cups... fancified instant coffee is just not my thing.  a quality cup of coffee comes from people who are passionate about coffee, people who insist that organic, fair trade beans are the only kind to roast, people who "get" what a good cup of coffee is, and how to make it.

44 north coffee is just that.  they "get" it.  since their debut, i've been a fan of 44 north coffee .  although i typically only drink the good stuff on the weekends, i certainly look forward to those saturday mornings when i'm NOT drinking the awful office coffee (i suppose i don't have room to hate on it, i am fully capable of making coffee at home) their latest newsletter came with a special free shipping over $25 (with code "daylightsavings") to catch a deal before they go on a small break (order by friday march 14th!).  but more importantly, it came with a video, highlighting their story and their passions.  i loved it enough to bring it to you today too!  maybe you, too, can try out their coffee to give you the extra boost you're gonna need in this transition to daylight savings :)

happy monday :)


Thursday, October 18, 2012

the "other" space shuttle

did anyone ACTUALLY see the space shuttle endeavor travel 12 miles of city streets outside of LA?  now THAT would be a sight to see! my friend posted this video on facebook, and i couldn't help but share it!
(thanks, quan!)

(video time-lapse of endeavor's 12-mile journey produced by LA Times)

so, WHY do i call it the "other" space shuttle?

if you've been a follower of my blog since april or may or so, you saw many posts of the enterprise space shuttle that went to new york city!  i had the privilege of being involved in the engineering work behind getting the enterprise from JFK airport to the intrepid museum by water...

so, though i think it would be WAY cool to see the endeavor travel down the streets of LA, i feel  VERY lucky to ride the tug boat pulling the shuttle up the hudson river too!

it was pretty cool to see it piggy-backed in the air on top of another airplane too.  this first shot is my own photo, the second and third are photos courtesy of the NASA chase plane that followed the shuttle from DC to NYC.

now... TRY to tell me that science isn't cool ;)


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

beer, brought to you by

yes, you read that right. 

 image via the baker and the brewer

the white house is making beer.
and has officially released their recipe!

download the pdf of the recipe here

so, for all of you home-brewers out there, go get brewing! 
(then call me over for a drink ....or 5)

i was recently reminded of this fun fact from , but first heard about this from the baker and the brewer   (head over there now for a bit more info on their new endeavor and more fun facts about the white house and alcohol activities of past presidents... or, if you need a good idea for a sweet treat, check out their blonde brownies or their guilt-free cheesecake tarts !)

wouldn't it be fun if local breweries started selling beer using this recipe??

good work, mr president!  i hope to try your honey porter and honey ale soon!


Saturday, August 25, 2012

sammiches and sailboats

i know what you're probably thinking... "he got her a fancy new camera for their anniversary, but she didn't get him ANYthing??"

well, you are wrong, my friends!  i got him a panini press!  not just any panini press, though.  THE panini press.  the best one you can find at williams sonoma.  when i asked about it in the store the ladies go "OH! we have them over HERE!" (not in the direction i saw THE one i wanted) "oh, sorry, i don't want that one that's on sale, i need the BETTER one"

i always tell mr p that some things we just don't need the best of the best right now, especially if we don't know how much we will use it or if we know exactly what we want.  some things have little quirks about them that just get annoying (even super expensive things!) .  a panini press is different though.  we have a panini press WEIGHT from my mom that you would use with a skillet or a grill pan, but this summer has just been BRUTAL and turning on the stove is just a disaster in this tiny apartment, and the grill pan just radiates heat for EVER after you are finished with it.  so...i splurged, and i got him the breville smart grill and griddle !

....and we've made 43728943729 sammiches already!

(first is just a rotisserie chicken sammich, second is a grilled chicken sammich with cream cheese, buffalo sauce, and alfalfa sprouts!!)

our original anniversary celebration plans were to use up a gilt city coupon for a sail in new york harbor with manhattan by sail on the shearwater , but the weather was not in our favor that friday night, so we rescheduled for last night!

see more after the jump!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

H&M Home Coming to the US!

this news can make nearly ANYONE's crappy day do a 180.
i've known for a while now that H&M had a home line in europe.
i instantly fell in love with it.
...and instantly got angry and jealous that they had NO plans to bring the line to the US.

(i mean, with designs like THAT who WOULDN'T be excited!?!)
now, the countdown is ON!
2013 can't come fast enough!
(well, that, AND the fact that mr p and i already have  5 weddings to go to next year!! some people might just see dollar signs and weekends used up, but we see good food, good friends, and endless dance parties!!)

i'm ready for some fall clothes anyways... this whole i-wear-all-strapless-dresses-but-can't-get-rid-of-my-construction-worker-t-shirt-tan thing is getting REALLY annoying.

check THAT out.  that was just ONE day in the sun on the water near Philly last year.  are you thankful for your boring office job yet?

this post on megan's blog also really shows me rocking that stupid stupid ly awesome tan... the last picture.  i actually have THREE LAYERS of tan/sunburn in that picture from our recent denver trip .  i'm just going to call it "ombre" tanning, since anything labeled "ombre" seems to be the "it" thing right now.

anyways, WOOOOOO for H&M Home coming to the US!!!


Tuesday, June 19, 2012


i feel guilty .

guilty for getting giddy that snooki and jwoww's new show (cleverly named "snooki & jwoww" apparently) is starting on thursday!

(i don't even watch jesey shore)
but, because they filmed it in MY hood , i have to watch it. i just have to.  it's sort of the same feeling i got when i lived in hoboken and felt guilty for watching cake boss.  i shouldn't watch it because that's supporting it, and those stupid lines are so long and carlo's bakery isn't even very good, and the show is dumb anyways...

....but it's fun seeing my neighborhood on tv.

so... round 2. i don't like jersey shore, i think the show is dumb (not to mention the people), i could honestly care less about snooki and jwoww...

but... i want to see them going into my gym and take cooking lessons from the same bakery that i ate lunch with my mom when she visited . and see their house that i purposely ran by to get a glimpse of them happened to run past while they were filming.

anyways, if you want to get a glimpse of our neighborhood, check out the show.
thursday. mtv. 10pm.  be there.


Monday, June 11, 2012

opportunity of a lifetime

as you all well know , i've had the amazing opportunity to be involved with the final journey of the enterprise shuttle .
(i think mr p knows a little TOO well... i can't help but talk about it all the time, he's definitely tired of hearing about the space shuttle by now!)

my last post about the journey highlighted the transfer of the shuttle from the ground at JFK airport to a barge.

last wednesday was the big day though, when it went from our yard in jersey city up past the statue of liberty and ground zero, and up the hudson river to the intrepid sea, air, and space museum.   this is where our crane picked up the shuttle and placed it on the deck of the intrepid.

i got to ride the tug during this last leg of the journey!  it was fun texting my family to see if they could see me on tv, but after seeing news videos after i got home (around 11:00pm!!) it seems like they were focused more on the shuttle than the tug boat pushing it (shucks).

what a fun, exciting, but stressful day.
check out some "insider" photos below

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

guess what

do you ever read articles on

well, over here at beyond the stoop, we're effing obsessed .

and today is a special day, because we got a little mini-shout out by those fabulous folks at  it's reader request week, and they took my request and turned it into an article!!  wooo!!

i requested a review of different types of kitchen thermometers, a little write-up on the importance of different kinds, and the importance of using kitchen thermometers in general...

 ....and they did it!

read the article HERE .

(then throw your hands up in the air and go "woooo!" like i just did)


Friday, April 27, 2012

the day job

it's days like this that i love my job.

if you haven't heard already, the space shuttle enterprise landed at JFK airport today, to be lifted onto the intrepid aircraft carrier museum in manhattan in about a month or so.  there were a couple thousand people invited to attend the special event today at JFK, and my boss and i were allowed to come!

not VIP, but still fun.

here it comes!

...and there it goes

i "think" it "might" have been live on TV today


cheesy "i'm standing in front of a space shuttle" kodak moment

yep! that's mr spock from star trek!  leonard nimoy!
fun fact of the day:
they named the space shuttle "enterprise" only after the star trek cast and crew BEGGED the government to change it from the original name of "constitution"

what a day... can't wait to see when it gets lifted onto the intrepid!!

happy weekend :D