Monday, June 4, 2012

i touched a space shuttle

yep, you heard that right.  i touched a space shuttle.
i've been spending the past few days at WORK, over the WEEKEND .
(no overtime awesomeness in this salaried position)
but, i can't exactly say i was upset about it. 


awkward posed photo #1
(am i the only one that thinks it's weird to ask your boss to take pictures of you??)

i got to spend it up close and personal to the enterprise space shuttle that's coming to the intrepid museum in manhattan!  i did some of the work for the lift plan, barge stability analysis, and layout plans.

sometimes i think my job is lame-o, but it's projects like this that makes it TOTALLY REDEEM ITSELF.

awkward posed photo #2
(yep, i definitely look more awkward in this one)

tonight i get to take mr p over to see it, and he might actually get to touch it himself too!
(he wants to lick it for some odd reason, i didn't ask questions, i just said no, i need my bosses to continue letting me join in on all the fun projects we get!!)

stay tuned for more! the shuttle still has to get to the intrepid!!
...and you can be sure i will be there!!

what did you do last weekend?? anything fun?? tell me about it!!



Nicole said...

Hey I would love to help you redesign your blog!

Jo Dhesi said...

Thats so awesome it was all over the news I kept trying to find u while watching tv :)