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Thursday, October 18, 2012

the "other" space shuttle

did anyone ACTUALLY see the space shuttle endeavor travel 12 miles of city streets outside of LA?  now THAT would be a sight to see! my friend posted this video on facebook, and i couldn't help but share it!
(thanks, quan!)

(video time-lapse of endeavor's 12-mile journey produced by LA Times)

so, WHY do i call it the "other" space shuttle?

if you've been a follower of my blog since april or may or so, you saw many posts of the enterprise space shuttle that went to new york city!  i had the privilege of being involved in the engineering work behind getting the enterprise from JFK airport to the intrepid museum by water...

so, though i think it would be WAY cool to see the endeavor travel down the streets of LA, i feel  VERY lucky to ride the tug boat pulling the shuttle up the hudson river too!

it was pretty cool to see it piggy-backed in the air on top of another airplane too.  this first shot is my own photo, the second and third are photos courtesy of the NASA chase plane that followed the shuttle from DC to NYC.

now... TRY to tell me that science isn't cool ;)


Saturday, August 18, 2012

playing tourist

this summer has certainly been a great one so far, and last weekend made it even better! 

mr p's sister and cousin came to visit :)

we went to the beach , had a relaxing night in, saw the space shuttle at the intrepid , saw a show at radio city music hall , went to central park , had drinks at one of our favorite bars , had tapas at a delicious east village restaurant , had ice cream at our favorite local shop , and sushi with friends in the east village.

so.. exhausting!!  but so fun :D enjoy the weekend with us through photos

see more after the jump....

Monday, June 11, 2012

opportunity of a lifetime

as you all well know , i've had the amazing opportunity to be involved with the final journey of the enterprise shuttle .
(i think mr p knows a little TOO well... i can't help but talk about it all the time, he's definitely tired of hearing about the space shuttle by now!)

my last post about the journey highlighted the transfer of the shuttle from the ground at JFK airport to a barge.

last wednesday was the big day though, when it went from our yard in jersey city up past the statue of liberty and ground zero, and up the hudson river to the intrepid sea, air, and space museum.   this is where our crane picked up the shuttle and placed it on the deck of the intrepid.

i got to ride the tug during this last leg of the journey!  it was fun texting my family to see if they could see me on tv, but after seeing news videos after i got home (around 11:00pm!!) it seems like they were focused more on the shuttle than the tug boat pushing it (shucks).

what a fun, exciting, but stressful day.
check out some "insider" photos below

Monday, June 4, 2012

i touched a space shuttle

yep, you heard that right.  i touched a space shuttle.
i've been spending the past few days at WORK, over the WEEKEND .
(no overtime awesomeness in this salaried position)
but, i can't exactly say i was upset about it. 


awkward posed photo #1
(am i the only one that thinks it's weird to ask your boss to take pictures of you??)

i got to spend it up close and personal to the enterprise space shuttle that's coming to the intrepid museum in manhattan!  i did some of the work for the lift plan, barge stability analysis, and layout plans.

sometimes i think my job is lame-o, but it's projects like this that makes it TOTALLY REDEEM ITSELF.

awkward posed photo #2
(yep, i definitely look more awkward in this one)

tonight i get to take mr p over to see it, and he might actually get to touch it himself too!
(he wants to lick it for some odd reason, i didn't ask questions, i just said no, i need my bosses to continue letting me join in on all the fun projects we get!!)

stay tuned for more! the shuttle still has to get to the intrepid!!
...and you can be sure i will be there!!

what did you do last weekend?? anything fun?? tell me about it!!


Thursday, May 31, 2012

busy bee

the long weekend has come and passed, and we've been SO busy since! family...

...saying goodbyes...

...and i've been busy working on super cool things at work...

sooner or later i will get the chance to tell you more, but for now, i'll leave you with this picture my boss took of me yesterday while at "work".

(NASA Enterprise Shuttle)