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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

someone put us on hoarders

oh hey guys! did i tell you we finished moving? and also the new tenant is in our old place already? and we spent the weekend in DC? it's no wonder i got sick over the weekend, my body is trying to tell me "enough is enough already!"

first let me tell you that we're NOT hoarders!
(the first sign of hoarding is denying it)
it just looks like it because we're terrible packers.
(the second sign of hoarding is making up excuses)

while i "know" everything will have a place in our new home, it once looked like the video below.  we're moving in the right direction in getting unpacked and organized though, and i can say the place is now finally starting to look like home. (but i've got to leave SOMETHING for tomorrow's post right? stay tuned!) 

we only had so many boxes and reusable grocery bags to move all of our things, so we had to move a load, empty the contents of the bags and boxes, and go pack some more.  it's obviously not the most efficient way of doing things, but it worked.  that's how that huge mess of random things ended up on the floor of the first bedroom you see in the video.

i also had about 10 trash bags of pillows and blankets and extra towels and linens.  i REALLY felt like a hoarder when i started to unpack that stuff, but then i realized that we NEED those things for when people come to visit! we're far enough away that when people come to stay with us from out of town, they usually fly, which means they need an air mattress, sheets, pillows, blankets, and towels.  i can purge a pair of shoes i only wore once and hated, but i can't purge linens.

ok since my mind is wandering in so many directions right now, i'll just share the video, and update you tomorrow with the de-hoarding process :)


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

happy birthday fiancé ;)

i'll let the video do the talking…

sending a HUGE thank you to those of you who sent in videos! you guys did great!!

happy 30th birthday babes.


p.s. for anyone who sent in a video and did NOT see it included, i'm SO sorry! i double- and triple-checked my emails, texts, and Facebook messages to try to get them all! let me know if i missed and i can edit the video :)

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

girls chase boys

hung and i have a slight obsession with ingrid michaelson .  even though we are longtime fans (her songs have filled my playlists long before i even met hung) we went to our first ingrid concert last holiday season. we fell even more in love with her, not just as a musician, but as a person and, really, a comedian!

her music is captivating and refreshing in the world of pop music.  also, presale for her new album , lights out, is now available on iTunes, AND she just released a new video!  check out girls chase boys in the video below :)

in an interview with entertainment weekly , ingrid makes the comment "no matter who or how we love, we are all the same".  high five, ingrid, high five.

her tour dates were just announced, and general ticket sales start friday!  check out the tour dates and locations here (presale for those on her mailing list was today! i guess that means i'm a superfan, because we already snagged some tickets for the terminal 5 concert in new york city)

can't wait for the album to be relseased on april 15th!!  in the meantime, we've still got quite the collection of her good music to hold us over ;)


Tuesday, December 10, 2013

mele kalikimaka

i bring to you a live clip of my most favorite christmas song ever, sang by possibly my most favorite artist ever:

(if only i would have put that annoying iphone up blocking someone's view just a little bit longer, i could have gotten a better clip)

mr p and i went to ingrid michaelson 's 7th annual holiday hop at webster hall in manhattan last friday night.  after a small scuff at the beginning of the night, the night ended up being a pretty awesome night.  ingrid and crew came out performing as old ladies bragging and ragging about their grand children (i had tears from the laughter, think " tina fey with the voice of karen from will & grace " and you get ingrid's hilarious comedian voice) but her "actual" performance was pretty darn awesome too.  we listen to her music all the time, so we feel like she's a huge star, and she really is... but to see someone like her be so humble on stage made us feel warm and fuzzy inside. i mean, she DID admit to having shorts on under her dress and she DID sprinkle confetti down her chest (then sprinkle THAT confetti on her bandmates).
also, she brought our her husband ( greg laswell ) on stage to do a beautiful duet, AND she brought out caroline pennell from the voice to sing the way i am  (her sort of raspy voice reminded me of ellie goulding but BETTER!!)  AND she faked us out by shouting "AND NOW WELCOME SARAH BAREILLES!!" ...and the crowd went nuts for about 2 seconds before she said "just kidding" for that.
if you ever get a chance to see her perform live, i highly suggest it.  to be honest, i was a little nervous seeing such a chill singer at webster hall, but it was so worth it....
are you seeing any shows soon?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

music that makes you smile

a little scene from last week went like this:
"hey babe, you need to listen to this new song I just heard"
"ok i'm working now, i'll listen to it later..."
"later" comes when my boss goes out to grab lunch, but apparently it only takes 2 minutes to go downstairs and grab some au bon pain because he walks in just as i have this song blaring on my computer...
"sorry boss, (mr p) told me to listen to this song"
"oh yeah? ....i guess that's good? ...that he sends you songs?"
(phew, he's only confused, that's ok, as long as he's not upset)
(afterall, i do work long hours, through my lunch, 4 hours from home)
anyways, if you haven't heard of a fine frenzy, here's an awesome intro, courtesy of mr p's awesome skill of finding music that makes you smile:

how's that for a tuesday?
does anyone else want to put this song on a boombox, strap it to the handlebars of your bike, and ride through central park?
just me?
(gosh i miss being home)

Friday, April 5, 2013

birthday begins


it's friday.

it's my birthday.

i'm getting home from boston early.

i get to see my friends tonight.

...and i just watched this video from last weekend and it puts a big smile on my face.

a little shaky, a little blurry, but hey, we're amateurs, we'll get the hang of it eventually.  in the meantime, we can just watch them to reminisce our fun adventures in new york city :)

cheers to the weekend!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Friday, February 22, 2013

good people doing good things for the good of the people

it doesn't take a lot for me to be inspired.
in fact, i often read obscure articles or watch videos just because i'm intrigued, but it often leads to inspiration.  i like the feeling, i thrive on knowing there's something bigger, better, more feel-good, puts-me-in-my-happy-place kinds of things out there that i can strive to achieve or take a chance on...
this is one of those videos.

a few of the farmers of the older generation talk about how this new wave of young farmers have "romantic" dreams of living this life on the land, with the land.  i love the encouragement, the passion, the simplicity of their lifestyle.  i think we can all tip our hats at the big crop farmers for all of their hard work and quantity of food they can produce and provide for so many people...

...but it's because of these large farmers that we forget about ones like this.
ones that make good healthy food, just like it came out of your own garden.
ones that make food the way food should be made.
i tip my hat to them, feeling inspired after watching that film, and yearning for that simple life.
if you're feeling inspired too, but don't have the guts or dreams of doing the same, support your local farmers by joining a csa, finding farmers markets in your area, and supporting farm-to-table chefs who choose local food.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

pitch perfect: fat amy

if you haven't seen pitch perfect yet, you should.

 photo Pitch-Perfect-img-05_zps46795c27.jpg
(why... isn't that, like, a singing movie or something?)

well, yeah, but... it introduces you to fat amy.
and all of her awesomeness that brings me to laughing-tears.

now go watch it.
we did!


p.s. fat amy is also rebelicious.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

jimmy fallon, musical genius


if that doesn't put you in the christmas spirit, i don't know what does!


p.s. is it just me or are those white stars in an odd spot? intentional? who knows.  doesn't matter. she's mariah carey.  she does what she wants!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

you need a good belly laugh.

....and you thought david after dentist was funny, wait until you watch "laughing gas didn't phase julie at all"

thanks, the chive, besides all the pictures boobs that i have to go through to get to the funny stuff, you always manage to find a way to give me a good belly laugh.

cheers to the weekend!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

the "other" space shuttle

did anyone ACTUALLY see the space shuttle endeavor travel 12 miles of city streets outside of LA?  now THAT would be a sight to see! my friend posted this video on facebook, and i couldn't help but share it!
(thanks, quan!)

(video time-lapse of endeavor's 12-mile journey produced by LA Times)

so, WHY do i call it the "other" space shuttle?

if you've been a follower of my blog since april or may or so, you saw many posts of the enterprise space shuttle that went to new york city!  i had the privilege of being involved in the engineering work behind getting the enterprise from JFK airport to the intrepid museum by water...

so, though i think it would be WAY cool to see the endeavor travel down the streets of LA, i feel  VERY lucky to ride the tug boat pulling the shuttle up the hudson river too!

it was pretty cool to see it piggy-backed in the air on top of another airplane too.  this first shot is my own photo, the second and third are photos courtesy of the NASA chase plane that followed the shuttle from DC to NYC.

now... TRY to tell me that science isn't cool ;)


Sunday, June 10, 2012

cover songs

lots and lots has been happening around here. 

and i want to tell you all about it.


our camera card decided to poop out on us and our computer can't read it.

so, instead i will bless you with another cover song.   last time it was a rockin' version of rihanna's "we found love" by ingrid michaelson's army of 3.  this time it our dear friend karra and her beautiful acoustic cover of katy perry's "teenage dream".  

Saturday, May 26, 2012

teary-eyed in the laundromat

thanks to the daybook for making me cry in the laundromat .  though, tears of happiness of course!  watch this video, then i dare you to tell me you didn't at least get a lump in the throat!!

i deem it best proposal ever.

yep, EVER . least i don't know this guy...

...and at least i look cute, rocking the red with tiny white polka dots ;)  
(don't you think summertime dresses are the best???)

can't wait for our guests to arrive tomorrow!! it will (sort of) be the FIRST time some of mr p's family come to stay with us!! (for more than one night, crashing after a SUPER FUN night of hoboken madness)  so today its a cleaning fest until we head over to the newly-opened SAGE (check them out on facebook here) in brooklyn!!

(wait, you're in JERSEY and you didn't go to the beach on MDW ??)
just wait... that's still to come too :P


Thursday, May 10, 2012

It's a beautiful day in this neighborhood.

Don't you think so? 

The birds are chirping, the air is dense, but cool, after an all-night rain, everything is very LUSH with all the rain we've been having... perfect day to go sit in a cubical?
Not exactly. Maybe if I had a window!
If you're not convinced, you should was this video of beautiful Jersey City that was published on the Jersey City Independent today (it COULD be a little more upbeat, but hey... we'll take what we can get!!):

Now, if only Torico would finally open!! It's been a tease having an ice cream shop across the street that's been closed since we moved here!  They've been open for over 4 decades, so it's GOT to be good!!


Saturday, March 31, 2012

the little things: uncharted.

sara bareilles... your video just made my day .  

actually, my week.

so... thanks :D

(and thanks to Pharrell Williams, Josh Groban, Ingrid Michaelson, Adam Levine, Ben Folds, Vanessa Carlton, Jennifer Nettles, and the rest of you who made fun and quirky cameos, too!)