Wednesday, February 5, 2014

girls chase boys

hung and i have a slight obsession with ingrid michaelson .  even though we are longtime fans (her songs have filled my playlists long before i even met hung) we went to our first ingrid concert last holiday season. we fell even more in love with her, not just as a musician, but as a person and, really, a comedian!

her music is captivating and refreshing in the world of pop music.  also, presale for her new album , lights out, is now available on iTunes, AND she just released a new video!  check out girls chase boys in the video below :)

in an interview with entertainment weekly , ingrid makes the comment "no matter who or how we love, we are all the same".  high five, ingrid, high five.

her tour dates were just announced, and general ticket sales start friday!  check out the tour dates and locations here (presale for those on her mailing list was today! i guess that means i'm a superfan, because we already snagged some tickets for the terminal 5 concert in new york city)

can't wait for the album to be relseased on april 15th!!  in the meantime, we've still got quite the collection of her good music to hold us over ;)


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