Tuesday, December 10, 2013

mele kalikimaka

i bring to you a live clip of my most favorite christmas song ever, sang by possibly my most favorite artist ever:

(if only i would have put that annoying iphone up blocking someone's view just a little bit longer, i could have gotten a better clip)

mr p and i went to ingrid michaelson 's 7th annual holiday hop at webster hall in manhattan last friday night.  after a small scuff at the beginning of the night, the night ended up being a pretty awesome night.  ingrid and crew came out performing as old ladies bragging and ragging about their grand children (i had tears from the laughter, think " tina fey with the voice of karen from will & grace " and you get ingrid's hilarious comedian voice) but her "actual" performance was pretty darn awesome too.  we listen to her music all the time, so we feel like she's a huge star, and she really is... but to see someone like her be so humble on stage made us feel warm and fuzzy inside. i mean, she DID admit to having shorts on under her dress and she DID sprinkle confetti down her chest (then sprinkle THAT confetti on her bandmates).
also, she brought our her husband ( greg laswell ) on stage to do a beautiful duet, AND she brought out caroline pennell from the voice to sing the way i am  (her sort of raspy voice reminded me of ellie goulding but BETTER!!)  AND she faked us out by shouting "AND NOW WELCOME SARAH BAREILLES!!" ...and the crowd went nuts for about 2 seconds before she said "just kidding"....boo for that.
if you ever get a chance to see her perform live, i highly suggest it.  to be honest, i was a little nervous seeing such a chill singer at webster hall, but it was so worth it....
are you seeing any shows soon?

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