Sunday, June 10, 2012

cover songs

lots and lots has been happening around here. 

and i want to tell you all about it.


our camera card decided to poop out on us and our computer can't read it.

so, instead i will bless you with another cover song.   last time it was a rockin' version of rihanna's "we found love" by ingrid michaelson's army of 3.  this time it our dear friend karra and her beautiful acoustic cover of katy perry's "teenage dream".  

we heart karra.  so much.  so much i get angry when she posts a new song and i'm at work and can't listen to it.


karra, please come visit again soon!! we want to hear your beautiful voice in person!
we even have a dusty guitar calling your name (since we want to be as awesome as you and learn to play guitar but really REALLY stink at it).


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Mae said...

Found you through LIY. Love your blog!!