Tuesday, April 8, 2014

someone put us on hoarders

oh hey guys! did i tell you we finished moving? and also the new tenant is in our old place already? and we spent the weekend in DC? it's no wonder i got sick over the weekend, my body is trying to tell me "enough is enough already!"

first let me tell you that we're NOT hoarders!
(the first sign of hoarding is denying it)
it just looks like it because we're terrible packers.
(the second sign of hoarding is making up excuses)

while i "know" everything will have a place in our new home, it once looked like the video below.  we're moving in the right direction in getting unpacked and organized though, and i can say the place is now finally starting to look like home. (but i've got to leave SOMETHING for tomorrow's post right? stay tuned!) 

we only had so many boxes and reusable grocery bags to move all of our things, so we had to move a load, empty the contents of the bags and boxes, and go pack some more.  it's obviously not the most efficient way of doing things, but it worked.  that's how that huge mess of random things ended up on the floor of the first bedroom you see in the video.

i also had about 10 trash bags of pillows and blankets and extra towels and linens.  i REALLY felt like a hoarder when i started to unpack that stuff, but then i realized that we NEED those things for when people come to visit! we're far enough away that when people come to stay with us from out of town, they usually fly, which means they need an air mattress, sheets, pillows, blankets, and towels.  i can purge a pair of shoes i only wore once and hated, but i can't purge linens.

ok since my mind is wandering in so many directions right now, i'll just share the video, and update you tomorrow with the de-hoarding process :)


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