Friday, February 22, 2013

good people doing good things for the good of the people

it doesn't take a lot for me to be inspired.
in fact, i often read obscure articles or watch videos just because i'm intrigued, but it often leads to inspiration.  i like the feeling, i thrive on knowing there's something bigger, better, more feel-good, puts-me-in-my-happy-place kinds of things out there that i can strive to achieve or take a chance on...
this is one of those videos.

a few of the farmers of the older generation talk about how this new wave of young farmers have "romantic" dreams of living this life on the land, with the land.  i love the encouragement, the passion, the simplicity of their lifestyle.  i think we can all tip our hats at the big crop farmers for all of their hard work and quantity of food they can produce and provide for so many people...

...but it's because of these large farmers that we forget about ones like this.
ones that make good healthy food, just like it came out of your own garden.
ones that make food the way food should be made.
i tip my hat to them, feeling inspired after watching that film, and yearning for that simple life.
if you're feeling inspired too, but don't have the guts or dreams of doing the same, support your local farmers by joining a csa, finding farmers markets in your area, and supporting farm-to-table chefs who choose local food.

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Unknown said...

Thanks Jenn. That's a very cute yet inspiring video. Makes you rethink where organic food really comes from; the heart.