Sunday, February 24, 2013

sunday funday

one good thing about jet lag from being in europe?

it forces you to go to bed at the time you should go to bed and wakes you up at times you should be getting up... which means i was up before the effing sun laid in bed until there was sun outside this morning, and had nothing better to do than be productive.  with more traveling ahead this week, i had to get the things done that mr p can't do himself (ok ok, he DOES cook me dinner EVERY night, so i "guess" i'm ok with doing his laundry :P)

here's a peek at what our day looked like...

 photo fa37825b-e0d7-470e-8323-d7471b970b7f_zpse223b59f.jpg

 photo ed13cec6-c324-4fd3-aadf-5037db7d547d_zpsd533861f.jpg
guac & salsa... mr p's comment to this lunch is "i love being an adult, where chips and salsa is a perfectly acceptable meal"

 photo cae3f1c4-583f-42c9-89aa-e0b1d3d45fde_zpsaf62edcb.jpg  photo 36e7f6dc-3a55-4d9f-ac8a-cc00f9e15e76_zpsa82efdaf.jpg
finally made strawberry rhubarb jam with home-grown rhubarb from my mom's friends garden, and i've got a mild obsession with diet sunkist right now.  just call me kel mitchell.

 photo dd911b05-a17b-4d95-bfb9-619d067be39a_zps5154927f.jpg
thanks for the extra blue ball jars, mom! though we don't have a better place for them than the window sill right now, at least they are pretty to look at.

 photo 2923e5d6-4b68-4c92-a552-392eb9d5b1c1_zps6551fe63.jpg
"hey babe, put on your robe so i can take a picture of you from the back"
(that's exactly what happened 30 seconds before this photo)

 photo de75a6e4-78f1-4f69-b303-b3c9baa46195_zpsaa87003e.jpg
i'm gonna miss cozy days like this while i'm out of town for work this week....
(i'm NOT gonna miss this dry weather when it is overwith!  this whole wearing-socks-24/7-so-my-heels-stop-cracking thing sort of stinks)



Hena Tayeb said...

I hate wearing socks too.. but I've decided that if I must than they better be cute and colorful.. hence the rainbow stripe ones i have on now

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Oh that guac looks so good! We actually had some just last night but now I want more!