Monday, March 4, 2013

its hip to be square

 photo photo12_zpsdd6335f4.jpg  photo photo1_zpsc8678bcb.jpg  photo photo22_zpsc7bab808.jpg  photo photo2_zps326cc9bf.jpg  photo photo32_zpsf6cf2511.jpg  photo photo3_zpsd05ef776.jpg  photo photo42_zps5a807ed8.jpg  photo photo4_zps04596894.jpg  photo photo52_zpse0c82489.jpg  photo photo5_zpsf13e8f26.jpg
#1  leftovers from ohio steal our tastebuds
#2  finally a view from a hotel in boston that doesn't face other hotel windows that are 10 feet away
#3  v-day flowers in the office from another man... don't fret. ALL the ladies on the third floor get flower on valentine's day.  there's a whopping 5 of us, so it doesn't exactly break the bank
#4  flashback to high school. i rocked that girl-tux-with-a-bowtie-and-underboob-to-floor-length-skirt that we had to wear for concert band
#5  i'm surprised i didn't get any comments on my outfit when i walked into work in this outfit.  supppper-jenn, so the rescue!
#6  regal entry to our less-than-$100-per-night hotel we snagged in downtown boston (that has a gym better than the one mr p used to PAY to go to)  ...see me for the deets.
#7  only non-work photo i took on my trip to the UK.  pretty much sums up my trip.  nothing exciting outside of work, and not a single memorable meal.  note to travelers: don't go to the UK for food.
#8  my favorite way to spend a saturday morning... good coffee, good food, next to mr p.
#9  our friend had people over to eat this awesome cake he made from scratch (the mousse-ish frosting too!) and i accidentally turned his apartment into an oscar party (oops!)...  pretty sure i could eat that cake everyday though... no... scratch that... i'll eat the homemade ice cream everyday... no... that would be bad... but so good...
#10  i've only ever found 1 place that has tamarind sorbet and tamarind slushies.  lucky me i live right across the street from it ;)
....spending another lonely night in boston.  at least i discovered the gym in the hotel tonight.  now i know the novelty of building a tv INTO the treadmill.  no excuse to NOT go, and you get to watch your favorite show!  tonight i caught a random episode of two broke girls... GOSH that show has some raunchy jokes!!


Eeka Cupcake said...

I love Boston! I haven't been there in a while :( I found you through the NJ Blogger Blog, and I'm glad I did, you have a really cute blog :)



GraceD || Other Infinities ☯ said...

God, nothing in the UK could ever ever compare to any of the beautiful view of cities in America :') I wish I could live there so bad. I know what you mean about 2 Broke Girls! When I watched the first episode I was like woaaah inappropriate, but then I ended up watching the whole season and I just loved it. I also thought the same thing about the first episode of new girl weirdly enough :') You have a lovely blog! ♥