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Thursday, May 2, 2013

it's hip to be square

 photo 11_zps35dbbe35.jpg  photo 12_zps65fde464.jpg  photo 13_zps01096dfa.jpg  photo 6_zpsec82e335.jpg  photo 7_zps19d750fa.jpg  photo 8_zps9781c4cf.jpg  photo 9_zps5baef6f8.jpg  photo 10_zpsd645c540.jpg  photo 1_zps4e4a5fc0.jpg  photo 2_zpsa05efa5a.jpg  photo 3_zps24b6429b.jpg  photo 4_zps1a36e30a.jpg  photo 5_zpsc51ac584.jpg

#1. 10 monitors for 3 people. weird.
#2. breakfast burrito for you, strawberry banana smoothie for me
#3. a peak outside my kitchen window.  not too shabby
#4. boston marathon bombing memorial before Boylston opened again
#5. last day with my mom, drinking good beer at the iron monkey
#6. so... i discovered brow color. where have i BEEN!?
#7. new 'hood.  with a big steep hill.  next fall my calves won't even be able to fit into fat-calf boots.
#8. i want that hideaway. if only i had a few million dollars.
#9. mom got artsy-fartsy at the bar
#10. lenny and his soufflé experiment.  not a spec left of mine. you would have licked your dish too
#11. asparagus soup from a beautiful mess.  this will be a staple in my away-from-mr-p-diet.
#12. Tehehe. rice and nori pandas at the sushi counter at whole foods.
#13. I've seen Christmas lights in trees, and i see cherry blossoms.  but lights IN the blossoms!? (sigh)

cheers to the weekend!  
today is my friday, heading to see a beautiful friend marry her one and only this weekend in sunny California!  first stop, though, is the happiest place on earth :)

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Friday, April 12, 2013

it's hip to be square

 photo photo1_zps8a7dfbe3.jpg  photo photo2_zpsde216e0b.jpg  photo photo3_zpsdd97bab4.jpg  photo photo4_zps8fe8768d.jpg
- finally a date night.  Hamilton Inn
- a little birthday surprise message for mr p
- only way to tolerate my hair after working 12+ hours
 photo photo5_zps73823e66.jpg  photo photo6_zpsea1e0e74.jpg  photo photo7_zps75b323bc.jpg  photo photo8_zps82ccaf6d.jpg
- I rag on Boston a lot, but I "guess" it does have it's cool spots.
- former whaling capital of the world, (hopefully) future offshore energy hub.
- reasons I come home every weekend... mr p is SO good to me.
- see note above... mama noodles with an egg cracked in the broth
 photo photo9_zpse37f4bd3.jpg  photo photo10_zpseef1ec74.jpg  photo photo11_zpsf8ac5eba.jpg  photo photo12_zps23e1d16e.jpg
- soon-to-be new 'hood' in boston.
- homemade cheesecake with lemon curd and hazelnut crust. best. cheesecake. ever.
- someone made a new friend... may or may not have thought about sneaking the lil furball home with me.
- this tree is probably blooming beautiful blooms right now. I wouldn't know, it's in my backyard. at home.
 photo photo13_zpsf5d55079.jpg  photo photo14_zps53d4c34f.jpg
- when the swiss miss goes IN the hot coffee, it's one of "those" days.
- trying to pretend it' nice in boston. it's not. but it was nice in nyc when I left yesterday morning. good thing I didn't have to go outside to go to the hotel....
it's friday!!!  what are your plans for the weekend??

Friday, March 22, 2013

its hip to be square

 photo 1_zps4b1d3994.jpg  photo 2_zpsddf91cd1.jpg  photo 3_zps6d0c70e3.jpg  photo 4_zps1d06c04e.jpg  photo 5_zpsb518e68b.jpg \ photo 6_zps887f606c.jpg  photo 7_zps6d744f95.jpg  photo 8_zps81235791.jpg  photo 9_zps15161b2b.jpg  photo 10_zps832a28d5.jpg  photo 11_zps92475069.jpg  photo 12_zps451db7b6.jpg
1. 200 dumplings for a 10-person dinner party at our 450 sf apartment.  my kind of night :)
2. greeted with malley's chocolate when i got to chicago
3. donut vault. 'nuf said.
4. brunch at the peasantry
5. view from the new office in boston
6. finally a home-cooked meal after whilewind weeks eating out in boston and a food-coma-inducing weekend in chicago
7. love when friends come over with homemade boozy desserts in hand
8. reminiscing awesome coffee shops on broadway in lakeview
9. first time guinness EVER (note: mr p is truly a guinness lover, i might now know why!)
10. if i'm gonna be missing kickboxing while working in boston, i might as well work out, the gym's nice, free, and IN the building, no escuses.
11. potential future work location.  i could be rubbing elbows with the kennedys.
12. gotta love a good outlet-store outfit :)
cheers, everyone... it's FRIDAY!