Saturday, June 16, 2012

hot and sweaty

how do you know you got a good workout??

getting hot and sweaty.
no, not "my cheeks are pink and i'm glistening" kind of hot and sweaty.
(and no, not THAT kind of hot and sweaty either)

shirt soaked , face beet red , not a dry hair on the head.
now THAT is the indication of a good workout.

but, how ? you ask...


lots of energy, and ready to go!!

after: ugh.  disgusting. hot, sweaty, definitely smelly, and in desperate need of a shower!


not just any kickboxing though.  kickboxing at a taekwondo school. not at a gym taught by a fitness instructor who took a "learn to teach kickboxing in a weekend" course.

we go to JC Taekwondo .

and we love it!

too bad there's not a friday class though... i feel like i NEEDED it after the all the food i ate yesterday!! (and all the food i'm going to eat today at smorgasburg!)



style-for-style said...

oh fun, always wanted to try kickboxing!!!

Melissa Blake said...

looks like fun! Happy weekend!