Sunday, June 17, 2012

smorgasburg glutton-fest.

SO much eating.  

and eating.

and eating.

bbq brisket.  don't remember the name of the place.  just look for the big line.  that'll be it.


lobster roll.


baby spring rolls.  not just any spring rolls though.  PEKING DUCK spring rolls.

jerk chicken.


pork sammich.

columbian something...  something DELICIOUS!

oatmeal cookie ice cream sammich.  who knew that a salty cookie with ice cream would be SO good. good we got TWO ice cream sammiches!

the ice cream sammich place was just so skinkin' cute. 
(and so is that fella standing there trying to choose one :P)

goodbye, smorgasburg!! we will be back.

decided to walk off our food at the next-door park that had beautiful views of manhattan from the east river.

.....and that was only lunch.
(ok ok... we weren't THAT bad.  there were 5 of us... but still... this is why i love my friends.  we shared EVERYTHING.  so we all got to try bites of EVERYTHING.  yummers.)

stay tuned to see how the rest of our ridiculous (read: ridiculously FUN!) saturday went :D



Lieke said...

I am HUNGRY!!!! Did you eat all this?! Everything looks so good :)

jenn @ beyond the stoop said...

everyone had at least a bite! it's the best way to try lots of new food at once, as long as you are ok with sharing :P