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Sunday, November 9, 2014

happy birthday to the mind behind e.tittlemouse

saturday we were happy to be invited to a small dinner at e.tittlemouse and co. to celebrate napoleon's birthday.  napoleon and his wife, belinda, run the small resale store on bay street in downtown jersey city.  besides having a great store filled with designer clothes, vintage housewares, and the works of local artists, they've become great mentors to several local creatives and entrepreneurs and have become our friends in the meantime.  although the celebration was in honor of the birthday boy, it was really just a fun dinner with great people.  we saw familiar faces, met new faces, indulged in new wines, and ate new food (well, new to us, apparently we're the only two at the event who didn't know what any of the filipino foods were).

 photo etittlemouse_birthday_00571.jpg
 photo etittlemouse_birthday_00568.jpg
 photo 44e8ced7-6518-464d-8a8f-5ad96d814199.jpg  photo 3664d68b-d431-4962-afd6-201ca0612ce6.jpg  photo etittlemouse_birthday_00527.jpg
 photo ae2e9f0d-dd32-4b24-aa1c-d190350cc9af.jpg  photo dab110ed-7561-4079-ab7b-c75c113e6ac0.jpg  photo 70306f4c-ccaf-4580-b4f0-d6e104c3c968.jpg
 photo etittlemouse_birthday_00613.jpg
 photo 10a7ff3b-9c6c-41d2-887e-b6ca765b6091.jpg  photo 9090460f-3ceb-47a4-b017-c360aab2a44c.jpg  photo d4b2f3ac-eddb-418d-a5a1-a2a2760d6f10.jpg
 photo etittlemouse_birthday_00656.jpg
 photo etittlemouse_birthday_00668.jpg
 photo 7a4de321-9551-4367-8eda-80e18be13e7b.jpg
 photo etittlemouse_birthday_00635.jpg
 photo etittlemouse_birthday_00651.jpg

napoleon, thanks for including us at your birthday dinner, we look forward to our next dinner! (because we apparently planned many more that night, i see a pho night in the near future :P)


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

happy birthday fiancé ;)

i'll let the video do the talking…

sending a HUGE thank you to those of you who sent in videos! you guys did great!!

happy 30th birthday babes.


p.s. for anyone who sent in a video and did NOT see it included, i'm SO sorry! i double- and triple-checked my emails, texts, and Facebook messages to try to get them all! let me know if i missed and i can edit the video :)

Monday, February 10, 2014

cabin in the woods

i'm back! ...and i was gone for good reason.  i had a 30th birthday to celebrate!!
(not my own though, i've still got over 3 years for that dreadful day to come)

i can only hope my day will be as fun as last weekend.  hung and i drove to middle-of-nowhere virginia to stay in a mansion cabin in the woods with 10 other friends to celebrate the birthday boy.

 photo 2014-02-10cabin_zps4a1458fa.jpg

that's the sneak peak of the cabin.

 photo 2014-02-10nickandchristina_zps312a2d1b.jpg

that's the sneak peak of the birthday boy and his beautiful wife :)

 photo 2014-02-10snowydrive_zps20334448.jpg

....and that's the reason this post is so short today.  our 6-hour drive turned into an almost 8-hour drive last night, and i'm exhausted (mucho thanks to hung, though, who drove 13 of the 14 hours of driving this weekend)

more to come later this week.  stay tuned for wineries, toga parties, and so much more ;)

happy birthday nick!


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

the little things: a sammich and a sweet

in january we lost one of the nicest, kindest people i know.
everyone who knew him would say the same thing.

...and today would have been his 29th birthday.
from the big heart of his mom, at least 29 random acts of kindness we carried out in his honor.

each day i walk through the streets of new york city, whether it's 5:45am and i'm racing to catch my train to boston, or it's friday night rush hour, i see homeless people everywhere.  sleeping at a storefront,   walking through the warm halls of penn station, i even saw one man this past monday who had a stroller stacked to the brim of belongings NOT belonging to a baby.  i wanted to be mad at him, thinking he probably stole it.  but i couldn't stay mad, because that's all he had.  moms who have it all push full strollers around the city with big smiles on their faces, then bring them back home where they may have even more strollers.  but for this man, the stroller WAS his home.

tonight i decided to go to whole foods, pick up a nutritious sammich (and a justin's peanut butter cup because everyone loves something sweet), walked out of the store destined to give the brown bag of goodies to the first homeless person i saw.  this is the wealthiest neighborhood in boston.  although i kept my eyes peeled, i expected to walk at least a mile to the park (the only place i have EVER seen anyone who looked homeless in boston).

little did i know, though i only had to walk about 3 blocks before finding an elderly aftrican american woman asking for change in a cup.

she totally caught me off guard, but before i had a chance to think "how about a sammich instead" burst out of my mouth.

a genuine "thank you" and her open arms for a hug put a big 'old lump in my throat.
a hug and a "have a good night" later and my job was complete.

maybe you think that buying a sammich for a homeless person is cliche (walking through the store trying to find a good sammich felt like it too, but i couldn't think of something more creative). but lemme tell you, i didn't feel an ounce of cliche after doing it...

i can't think of a better way to remember tyson, by doing something that makes me feel good inside :)

see you on the flip side, tyson! 
and happy birthday.


Friday, April 12, 2013

it's hip to be square

 photo photo1_zps8a7dfbe3.jpg  photo photo2_zpsde216e0b.jpg  photo photo3_zpsdd97bab4.jpg  photo photo4_zps8fe8768d.jpg
- finally a date night.  Hamilton Inn
- a little birthday surprise message for mr p
- only way to tolerate my hair after working 12+ hours
 photo photo5_zps73823e66.jpg  photo photo6_zpsea1e0e74.jpg  photo photo7_zps75b323bc.jpg  photo photo8_zps82ccaf6d.jpg
- I rag on Boston a lot, but I "guess" it does have it's cool spots.
- former whaling capital of the world, (hopefully) future offshore energy hub.
- reasons I come home every weekend... mr p is SO good to me.
- see note above... mama noodles with an egg cracked in the broth
 photo photo9_zpse37f4bd3.jpg  photo photo10_zpseef1ec74.jpg  photo photo11_zpsf8ac5eba.jpg  photo photo12_zps23e1d16e.jpg
- soon-to-be new 'hood' in boston.
- homemade cheesecake with lemon curd and hazelnut crust. best. cheesecake. ever.
- someone made a new friend... may or may not have thought about sneaking the lil furball home with me.
- this tree is probably blooming beautiful blooms right now. I wouldn't know, it's in my backyard. at home.
 photo photo13_zpsf5d55079.jpg  photo photo14_zps53d4c34f.jpg
- when the swiss miss goes IN the hot coffee, it's one of "those" days.
- trying to pretend it' nice in boston. it's not. but it was nice in nyc when I left yesterday morning. good thing I didn't have to go outside to go to the hotel....
it's friday!!!  what are your plans for the weekend??

Monday, April 8, 2013

birthday weekend.

this weekend i felt like a queen.
i have never really "planned" anything for my birthday.
it's not really a big deal to me.
but i thought that maybe it would be fun to grab a couple of drinks with friends at our seemingly-regular bar a block away from home.
a casual, normal friday night, if you will.
(oh, and hey, it's my birthday too. no big deal though. just a regular night.)
we got to the bar at the time i told everyone i was going to be there.
1 friend joined us on our way there.
then we sat for almost an hour before anyone came.
(they all forgot!
why did they say they would come if they weren't going to come?
calm down.
it's not a big deal.
its just your birthday.
you don't care about your birthday anyways.
snap out of it)
but by the time 9pm rolled around, practically everyone came crawling out of the woodwork.
or i guess they all thought they were trying to be "fashionably late".
i was stunned.
i felt loved.
close friends in the area came.
friends i had just met in the area came.
friends who are friends of friends of friends came. 
friends from queens.
friends from east village.
the night was full of laughter, fun, meeting even more new people.
girl talk, catching up with old friends, making plans to see these wonderful people i don't get to see often enough.
see... nothing "special".
it was just a night at the bar.
but it was a perfect night with the best of friends :)
....and then when a few friends realized they couldn't make it (no big deal, lots of people didn't even reply to the invite, i figured that was normal) i had a special visitor bringing brownies with sea salt and homemade caramel, and another friend gave me a bouquet of roses and hydrangeas that she put together herself!
becoming a year older isn't so bad after all.... 
cheers to being 26!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

my main squeeze

happy birthday to my main squeeze :)

 photo e913b778-74af-4e1e-baf7-732c622651fd_zpsb7cc3a7e.jpg
love you like....
 photo walleloveseve_zps91fcb8de.gif
see you friday!!


Monday, February 4, 2013

the difference: nyc birthday party

"my house is only 3 bedrooms. how on EARTH are we supposed to raise a family in such a place?"

new yorkers:
"baby #2's in the oven, we gotta get out of our studio (i.e. bedroomless) apartment"

this thought came to mind while attending our friend's surprise birthday party last week in midtown. a friend with a small rather large by NYC standards apartment hosted over 30 guests for the surprise dinner party.  this meant cooking for this many in a tiny kitchen, seating for most, drinks, cake, the whole deal. after riding in rush-hour subways, personal space becomes MUCH smaller. we're totally cool with it....

our theory is that if you're with great company, you'll have a great time.

(it helped that the ceilings were a mile high, making it "feel" much more spacious)

happy birthday sonia!