Monday, March 25, 2013

partner in crime

 photo photo_zps772854cd.jpg
....actually, the only crime we committed that night was crossing the street when and where we weren't supposed to (come on, it's new york, you'll get ran over by other people doing the same thing if you DON'T cross when there's no cars coming, no matter the traffic signal)

while mr p was getting ready to go out saturday night, i called him over to the full length mirror and asked this exact question,

"does this look ok or does it look completely ridiculous?"

"looks good, babe.  but you look SO hipster."

sometimes "hipster" walks a very fine line between looking totally trendy and totally ridiculous. mr p helps me decifer which side i'm on, but i guess because we were going to the east village, you can practically play hopscotch with that line and nobody says a word....

i love new york :)


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