Monday, March 25, 2013

date night: hamilton inn

i've had my eye on this place ever since i moved to jersey city.  their christmas lights on the tree out front that they leave up all year are just so darn cute and enticing.  it's always packed, it's dimly lit and cozy-looking, we just had to try it out.  so, friday we did just that!  we went to hamilton inn after i got home from boston.  besides, when's the last time we had a date? i don't even remember....

 photo da6d263e-54e7-45ea-9655-613017ef1d99_zpsbf969eda.jpg

 photo d13c2417-2368-45b6-abec-62d9e7b56e65_zpsa434ecfe.jpg

 photo 29309005-e54a-434a-a104-9174598d50c2_zps34ebd70c.jpg

 photo 79a16e42-d28f-4432-82b0-86b9868cb89d_zps7859d749.jpg

 photo 68a7b079-ffc5-4328-8d95-369dbc204bfa_zps207216ab.jpg

 photo DSC04035_zpsf10e73cf.jpg

 photo 21e5842d-08bc-4cad-8e9a-47ce7ec73a79_zpsacfbce4c.jpg

 photo 90b3c397-d10a-4bc4-b5ee-0837bcbd3871_zpsd9329c86.jpg

that night i learned i do NOT like negroni's

that night i remember why i bought my puffy to-the-knee jacket (it's been SO cold here!)

that night i was reminded why mr p is the best restaurant explorer: we always order 2 meals and split so we get to try both

that night we were reminded why it's so nice to go on a date, even if all the food is food we can make at home: we catch up with each other on a level that's different than our weeknight goodnight phone calls, different than g-chat, different than while we're at home with plenty of distractions....

that night was just nice .



Kenya said...

I am going to have to try that place. We aren't far from Jersey City... and they do have a lot of cute little places!

Jenny said...

I need to get out on a date night. Thanks for the cute idea...I was trying to come up with some restaurant with some charm...a cute one in a hotel seems perfect.