Friday, April 12, 2013

it's hip to be square

 photo photo1_zps8a7dfbe3.jpg  photo photo2_zpsde216e0b.jpg  photo photo3_zpsdd97bab4.jpg  photo photo4_zps8fe8768d.jpg
- finally a date night.  Hamilton Inn
- a little birthday surprise message for mr p
- only way to tolerate my hair after working 12+ hours
 photo photo5_zps73823e66.jpg  photo photo6_zpsea1e0e74.jpg  photo photo7_zps75b323bc.jpg  photo photo8_zps82ccaf6d.jpg
- I rag on Boston a lot, but I "guess" it does have it's cool spots.
- former whaling capital of the world, (hopefully) future offshore energy hub.
- reasons I come home every weekend... mr p is SO good to me.
- see note above... mama noodles with an egg cracked in the broth
 photo photo9_zpse37f4bd3.jpg  photo photo10_zpseef1ec74.jpg  photo photo11_zpsf8ac5eba.jpg  photo photo12_zps23e1d16e.jpg
- soon-to-be new 'hood' in boston.
- homemade cheesecake with lemon curd and hazelnut crust. best. cheesecake. ever.
- someone made a new friend... may or may not have thought about sneaking the lil furball home with me.
- this tree is probably blooming beautiful blooms right now. I wouldn't know, it's in my backyard. at home.
 photo photo13_zpsf5d55079.jpg  photo photo14_zps53d4c34f.jpg
- when the swiss miss goes IN the hot coffee, it's one of "those" days.
- trying to pretend it' nice in boston. it's not. but it was nice in nyc when I left yesterday morning. good thing I didn't have to go outside to go to the hotel....
it's friday!!!  what are your plans for the weekend??


Maria @ Orchard Bloom said...

Great snapshots! I just stumbled upon your blog. It's lovely!

Hena Tayeb said...

great pics.. that cheesecake looks divine..

emilylaubhan said...

Where can I find the recipe for the homemade cheesecake? It looks delish!!