Monday, April 15, 2013

today in boston

it's no secret that there were unexpected events at the boston marathon today.
my heart goes out to those affected by the explosions....
todays' race is such a joyful holiday for boston... yet this year, and probably the next few years will be plagued by the memories of today's tragedy.
for the past few months i've spent my mondays through fridays in boston at an office just a few blocks from the explosion.  last thursday, though, i decided to stick around NJ for today and changed my train to tuesday (tomorrow) instead of monday. there are days that i walk down to the finish line area for lunch.  if i had gone to boston today, the train would have dropped me off 2 blocks from where the explosion happened.
thankfully i was not also caught up in the mess...
it's a crazy world we live in...
when are these things ever going to end?