Tuesday, April 16, 2013

bathroom update

it's been a WHILE since I've posted an update on our apartment.  though we aren't really "renovating" anymore, we still make changes here and there, and before you know it, it's a totally different space!

the bathroom is one such room.

last weekend i had HAD IT with the ugly over-the-toilet ugly metal rack that wasn't over-the-toilet (leftover from the old apartment).  it housed basically all of my bathroom essentials, so i couldn't get rid of it until i had a solution in hand.  mr p and i took butts to home depot and got ourselves some DIY'ed shelves just like the ones in the kitchen and the living room

(WHY didn't we think of this before if we did the same thing in every other room!?)

mr p did it all by himself too! he's a pro at these shelves by now.  check out a quick adventure through the progress:

 photo bathroombefore_zps6201ef9c.jpg
 photo IMG_7990_zps75f49609.jpg
 photo IMG_8042_zpse6ebcbba.jpg  photo IMG_8052_zps3e27b0bc.jpg
 photo ba452fa0-6946-4718-9b23-7f6115fc3e3e_zps7379d04c.jpg  photo 4032f9bb-39be-4356-8d0a-ad867bcb5d41_zpsa217bfc1.jpg
 photo 327792fa-4ee6-4d6d-a18f-bfdac42f2d09_zps8c654b21.jpg
yikes! we went for SO long like this. no full-length mirror, ugly metal over-the-toilet thing that's not over-the-toilet, overflowing laundry (thanks to kickboxing ), overflowing bins of bathroom stuff i don't use, stained towels
(guess the dye doesn't stay in your hair too well if you dye it 3 times in one day... oops?)
 photo 2b83725f-a93b-4cb8-99e7-0d43246f97e0_zps1ac933be.jpg  photo 0c958f3e-fce1-43ce-ac2f-ff7794260688_zps2cb0b754.jpg
 ahhhhhh.... so much better.
(p.s. chevron fabric stretched over a wood frame, DIY instructions here)
(p.p.s. with the new mirror we didn't have room for 2 fabric frames, so i "recycled" old photo frame and cut the fabric to fit!  great second use if you ask me)
(p.p.p.s. i spray-painted the yellow chair here)
now if i could just part with my laundry basket i've been toting around since high school (through all 14 moves and everything)
i just want to find one that looks nice, isn't $100, and isn't something you see in every big box store.
(i may settle for something like that, but i'm going to try my hardest to find something spunky and unique!)
does anyone have any good resources for fun hampers?
(wait did i just say that? i MUST be getting older if i'm excited to look for laundry hampers)


alice {sweet dreamer} said...

Wow! That looks worlds better. Love the yellow hints. x

Anne Hill said...

awesome remodel! I love yellow

Anonymous said...

I found some pretty hampers at Ross! Almost scored one but I don't really have a place for it yet.

Hena Tayeb said...

Looks so much better. I love the ruffled shower curtain

Unknown said...

Love how this turned out! I too have been looking for a hamper for my upstairs bathroom to hold towels! Last time I was at Ikea, I contemplated getting a cute metal trashcans with lids that come in a size about the size of a hamper (that is actually in the hamper section). I think if you drill a few holes in the top and bottom to allow for air to get in, it could be a great solution. Cheaper than $100 and you could even spray paint it!

Cherrow414 said...

LOVE this- is your shower curtain from Amazon? If so, we are curtain twins! As for a small hamper, I purchased a one similar to this from west elm (mine has no lid) and while it is a LOT of moolah to spend on a freaking hamper, it was 100% worth it-it looks amazing in my bathroom. Here's the link