Friday, September 16, 2011

Moving... with movers!

The "movers" are coming tomorrow... we're not exactly ready, but since this was the only weekend they could do it, we decided to go for it.  But "movers"...  sounds like such a foreign concept to me.  "Wait, I am going to pay someone to move my stuff??  What ever happened to renting a U-Haul and doing it yourself??  It's been on my mind a lot, since last night Mr P told me that we have to pay extra fees for the "time it takes the movers to get to Hoboken and back to their office from Jersey City."  Which makes sense, I guess, but its just more money we weren't expecting to pay.  I was pretty upset until I really sat back and thought about how many times I'vce moved since I went to college.... wow!  Since Fall 2005 I have moved to the following places:
  1. 2005 Toledo
  2. 2006 Van Wert
  3. 2006 Toledo
  4. 2007 Dayton
  5. 2007 Toledo
  6. 2008 Dayton
  7. 2008 Toledo
  8. 2008 Columbus
  9. 2009 Toledo
  10. 2009 Columbus
  11. 2009 Toledo
  12. 2009 Hoboken
  13. 2010 New Place in Hoboken
  14. 2011 Jersey City
FOURTEEN times??  Maybe I'm crazy, because that sounds like a lot... and I never had "movers".  Mr P has moved quite a few times since then too and never had movers (I don't think anyways). 

I guess the extra money we are paying isn't bad considering how many times we've moved and this is the first time we're paying someone to do it for us.

Now let's just hope our super long CB2 couch will fit up the stairs and around the corner into our new apartment...  otherwise we'll have yet another thing to post on craigslist!

Wish us luck tomorrow!


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